We took placement of a 4, almost 5 year old little guy the Friday before Christmas. Things are mostly going ok, though it's been a tough adjustment for all of us. He's in transitional kinder, so I think things will improve when school starts again on Monday. But there will still be weekends and holidays, not to mention summer (though we have plans for at least half time day care). So...what does your day at home look like with a 4 year old?

I'm trying to figure out if he is fairly typical or if he has some challenges beyond his trauma that are making it particularly hard for him. I'm not super experienced with 4 year old boys so I'm really not sure what to expect of him. Right now he does great a lot of the day but has a really hard time entertaining himself at all, and as the day goes he gets more and more "tuned out," not listening, not retaining, unable to follow pretty simple instructions, etc. It looks a bit like ADHD, although some of the time he isn't at all like that and seems very capable of paying attention, focusing, etc. Does he just need more structure than a day at home? Is it just christmas break and we need to wait it out? What kinds of activities do your 4-5 year olds do and are they able to play independently at all? At the moment, O (26 months) is far more independent.