I cannot for the life of me figure out what to get my five year old for Christmas. She's the third girl, and while we don't buy our kids toys outside of birthdays or holidays....with three girls all within 4.5 years of each other, they have plenty of building toys, dolls, art supplies, hair accessories....she doesn't need a new scooter or bicycle because the next size is always waiting for her from one of her sisters.

After a lot of talking, we finally made a list for Santa, but there is no real "WOW" item on there that she desperately wants or will be thrilled by...her sisters both have these things, either by request or sure-to-be-a-hit surprises, and I just don't want the five year old to be disappointed. If she is, Christmas morning will not be pretty!! The things she's getting are a Barbie Babysitters Inc. set, an OMG Doll (totally copying her sister, but whatever), and a little battery powered surprise pet of some sort.

Anyone have interesting and unique gift ideas for the preK/K set?