I'm planning out DD3's room in our new house, and would love to find a way to incorporate the colors and idea of a few cute unicorns she received as gifts (the Jellycat unicorns, as well as a Pillowfort unicorn bust I ordered from Target) in the decor of her room. But I'm not sure what the "theme" should be.

I feel like going over the top with unicorns could get really tacky, really fast.....so I'm trying to figure out - what else goes with unicorns?! I'd love to do an accent wall with gold "confetti" or stars, but am not sure I can convince DH of it! So what else should I look for in terms of art/decorating elements? Anyone feeling creative?

Her crib is white. I haven't really purchased bedding other than two solid light pink plush crib sheets, so am wide open on colors. For color scheme, I was thinking a blush pink (probably for the walls) with some elements of gold, mint green, and maybe grey. If I get brave, I might actually do the walls in green - but I guess some of that depends on what other decor I put in the room.