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What is your go-to Starbucks drink, at 20, 30, 40..?

  1. ineebee

    pear / 1580 posts

    20s: caramel macchiatto
    30s: latte or iced coffee with a few pumps of toffee nut

    I've definitely lost my taste for the super sweet drinks!

  2. Happygal

    pomelo / 5000 posts

    Coffee, coffee, coffee......I drank it with creamer when younger, have been drinking it black for the past few years!

    Every now and then I get some kind of espresso drink, but I usually end up wishing I had stuck with coffee.

  3. bpcmarj

    pomegranate / 3729 posts

    20- Caramel Macchiatto or Mocha Frap...the sweeter the better for me then!

    Almost 30 - Hazelnut Latte, no sugar. Or hazelnut iced coffee, no sugar. I try not to drink away my calories these days.

  4. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    mid 20's - double shot lattes to keep me functioning through grad school grande

    late 20s to now - venti iced coffees or hot coffee

  5. turquoisemama

    persimmon / 1481 posts

    @MoonMoon: Yep! Just ask for coconut milk instead of soy or regular milk.

  6. cheert16

    nectarine / 2631 posts

    @MsMini: I still mourn Valencia....

    20's: Caramel Macchiato
    25's: Quad over ice in a venti cup w/ a splash of soy (I also worked there at that time to get health insurance!)
    30's: Trenta vanilla iced coffee- splash of half and half

  7. Freckles

    honeydew / 7444 posts

    Teens: caramel frapp
    20s: caramel macchiato or Americano
    30s: latte and always half-sweet if I get a flavoured latte!

  8. Mrs. Pink

    GOLD / kiwi / 605 posts

    I'm not to 40 yet so I'm going to add my teenager drink LOL

    Teens: Caramel Machiatto with EXTRA Caramel. Like a lot. Always Venti

    20s: stopped drinking coffee so switched to Passion Teas... and Peppermint Hot Chocolates ruled the roost-- I switched to soy when I became lactose intolerant at 27

    30's so far: Soy Chai Tea Latte with extra pump of vanilla OR a white soy hot chocolate with pumpkin spice if they have it or just extra vanilla if they don't

  9. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3706 posts

    20s: latte
    30s so far: cappuccino

    Lol I answered this before too I LOVE COFFEE

  10. fussygal

    pomegranate / 3580 posts

    Late teens/20s: I started out drinking heavily sweetened lattes and mochas since I had just started drinking coffee and wasn't into the actual coffee flavor! Then when I was 21 I got a job at Sbux and became a die-hard coffee drinker and it was usually a triple tall americano or a doubl/triple tall latte.

    30s: Tall 1 pump vanilla non-fat latte. Decaf if I'm pregnant

  11. autumnleaves

    pear / 1622 posts

    20 - grande chai tea latte
    30 - venti green iced tea
    Mid 30s - skinny vanilla latte (I started drinking coffee in my early 30s)
    Not 40 yet but I hardly go to SB anymore. For the past year, we've made a point to not go to SB and make our coffee at home instead - hopefully it's saving us some money!

  12. misolee

    persimmon / 1345 posts

    20s~ vanilla iced latte. Or sometimes iced caramel macchiato depending on level of wanting sweetness

    Now mid 30s and all I get is iced coffee. I've tried the new flat white and surprisingly like it too.

  13. MrsKoala

    cantaloupe / 6869 posts

    Always and forever some sort of frappuccino.

  14. Alba4

    nectarine / 2951 posts

    I don't go to SB regularly, but I get so many gift cards from there that I never have to pay when I do go (I'm a teacher). I'm usually order a cappuccino or a small (sorry tall) latte. I dislike all the super sweet syrups.

  15. mrsrain

    nectarine / 2115 posts

    In my 20s I drank triple-shot mochas... Then I gave up caffeine AND sugar in my coffee. Now in my 30s, if I go there, I get a decaf latte.

  16. hocuspocus

    apricot / 373 posts

    Early 20's: caramel, vanilla or hazelnut latte

    Late 20's: just plain coffee. Sometimes a cafe misto.

  17. littlebug

    honeydew / 7504 posts

    20s - White chocolate or vanilla mocha
    30s - soy caramel or hazelnut (rip) machiatto

  18. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11861 posts

    When in HS it was the thing in my area to get a Lumpkin spice latte PSL because the abbreviation for my town is PSL...lol

  19. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5563 posts

    I didn't start drinking Starbucks until my late 20s, and pretty rarely until my early 30s. Started with steamed apple juice, then an apple chai (steamed apple juice with chai syrup), now mostly chai lattes with the occasional apple chai in the fall for a change. Oh, and passion tea lemonade in the summer.

  20. Pumuckl

    pomegranate / 3601 posts

    Always a tall or grande cafe latte.


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