T doesn't have a lovey necessarily. He has a build a bear my mom and sisters made him and was given to him before he was born, but I don't let him play with that yet or probably ever. It's too special. My niece has the same bear in pink that I made with my mom and sisters for her and she doesn't play with it either. We always have a toy to give him in the car or stroller, but nothing special that we or he has an attachment to.

I really want to get him a lovey. A special toy that he'll have forever that will be HIS baby toy. He'll be 10 months old at Christmas, so I'm thinking of getting him a deer (DH is a hunter and we designed his nursery and baby shower around deer themed) Jelly Cat. I wish I had bought it before he was born so he would have always had it and it would have been that much more special, but 10 months is a good age to start recognizing and forming an attachment to a toy I think. all of his toys are the same to him right now! Lol

What is your LO's lovey and what age did they get it?