So, my twins came down with the plague of death last weekend and their sleep just went to pieces, going from 1-2 wake-ups to 7-10 between the two of them.
DD is a good sleeper and I'm pretty confident one night of CIO will have her back to STTN.
DS, on the other hand, is a really bad sleeper, the best I've ever been able to get him down to is 2 wake-ups a night, which right now sounds like heaven. He does not respond well to CIO, he's cried for over 2 hours at times (please don't judge me for letting him cry that long, ugh!). So I'm looking for non-CIO techniques that worked for people. He definitely has a boob attachment bc he will eat every time he wakes up but he can go to sleep on his own for naps and at bed time no problem, hardly cried at all.
Can anyone share what worked for you that didn't involve full-on CIO? I'm willing to let him cry a bit but I don't want to do true extinction like we've tried in the past.
Thanks so much, you guys!