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What time do you go to bed?

  1. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    Usually by 10, though occasionally its closer to 11. K is awake by 6:30, and I need to be up and getting ready for work by 6:45, so I know I should be getting a little more sleep.

  2. Tanjowen

    nectarine / 2521 posts

    LO is 18 months and goes to bed at 7 and up at 6:30 a.m. If DH is home, we aim to crawl into bed around 10 p.m. and we usually read/watch a show and pass out. If DH is gone, I sometimes go to bed at 9

  3. Rainbow Sprinkles

    eggplant / 11287 posts

    No other midnighters?

  4. NavyRN2012

    persimmon / 1447 posts

    The little ones go to bed at 7. I'm in bed by 9 and asleep two seconds later. During the week I'm up by 5:35, and the baby still has 2-4 MOTN wakeups.

  5. farawayyama

    kiwi / 556 posts

    1-2am (typically closer to 2). DH works second shift and this way we get couple time each night and family time during the day. DD sleeps from 9-9ish (with 1-2 wake ups)

    DH is going back to school in August and I go back teaching, so it will be a shock to the system. I'm super looking forward to it though - it's tough having strange hours.


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