Our 3-yr-Old DD has been lying a lot lately. The other day, her baby sister had ink on her arm and I asked her over and over if she did it and she said no. I knew she did because how else would it get there?! She finally admitted it. I was far more upset about the lying than the ink, although both are punishable. I didn’t punish her. I didn’t even tell Daddy, who I know would take some toys away or take away some other privilege. I know I probably should have.

Today, our dog is acting really weird (drooling and licking his lips a lot). We asked her if she knew if he has eaten anything weird. She said no but her face completely gave away that she was lying. It’s very obvious. After about an hour she told me that she put a rock in his food. I don’t know if this is true or a made up story. It’s hard to tell what she’s lying about, but something is not the truth.

What should we do? She is very intelligent and imaginative. Both can be to her detriment at times like these.

What kind of punishment would you use? Or not punish at all? I’m at a loss.