We have two cats we got as kittens 4 years ago. One of the cats has allergies and gets what is called "rodent ulcers." When she has a flare up her lips get swollen and split open and we have to take her to the vet for a shot and pills, it costs $120 per visit including the shots and pills. To keep the ulcers away we keep her inside and feed her a prescription food which costs $65.00 a bag, which lasts 4-6 weeks. If we keep her in doors and make sure she only eats the prescription food, she can go 3-5 months with out a flare up.

Now, we had our first baby 6 months ago and the cats are not handling it well. They've been peeing around the house to show their displeasure. Tonight someone peed in the nursery and I am at wits end! I want to give them away on Craig's List but I don't think anyone will want my allergy cat.
What would you do? List the cats anyway with full disclosure and see if someone takes them? Euthanize the allergy cat and get rid of the other one? Keep both cats out of the kindness in your heart even though they have peed on two comforters in the past 6 months and you can't get the smell out and are very angry?

I quit my job to stay home with the baby and money is tight, it's getting harder and harder to justify these cats.