I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant with my 2nd.

First baby was an induced vaginal delivery at 41 weeks for suspected pre eclampsia. No major complications except a post partum hemmorage. Milk took 5 days to come in. She was 7 lb, 10 oz

In this pregnancy, I have had high blood pressure on and off since about 20 weeks. I take my BPs at home 2x a day and they are always normal at home. At the doc office, they are almost always elevated. No other signs of pre eclampsia thus far.

Baby has been measuring very large on U/S and fundal height (which i know can be way off) At 32 weeks they were projecting he'd be 11.5 lbs at 40 weeks. I have another scan next week at 36 weeks to check growth.

Since 32 weeks ive had weekly sonos to check fluids and non stress tests to check fetal heart rate with movements. All normal.

The discussions have been to most likely induce at 37 weeks because of the high blood pressure (which is the current ACOG recommendation) and to consider a scheduled c-section due to his size.

If you are in my shoes, what do you do? Induce? Ask to wait a little longer? Go for the c section or try to deliver vaginally?