VPK registrations are due at the end of the month at my son's school. There are 5 different VPK teachers, and you can request certain ones. There are only 2 I'm interested in; the one I really want and the other that's a close 2nd. They're both great teachers, but one's a little more loving, and my son is pretty sensitive. But my son's closest friend, who's been in class with him for K2 and K3, has requested my #2 pick. Would you go with the class you child's best friend is in (still a great class), or the class you really want? This year was pretty tough on DS, and he cried almost every day at drop off until last month. The one thing that always perked him up was seeing his BFF waiting on him. I'm just worried that moving him to a different class than him would be even rougher. But they aren't going to go to the same elementary schools, so I don't know if I should just break it up now?