First time mom and I'm at a bit of a loss with what's going on with my LO. Reading forums and Dr. Google has me convinced I have a colicky constipated teething baby with reflux going through a four-month sleep regression - it can't be all of those!

For the last four days my LO has not been herself:
- she's a drooly baby, going through 8 or so bibs a day -- this has now increased substantially (its pouring out!) and upped to about a dozen bibs a day!
- she's persistently chewing on her fingers. She's a baby, she chews things, but the last four days she's stopped nursing to chew on her fingers. They're in there near-constantly.
- her sleep sucks. She hasn't been a really good sleeper so far, just 3-4 hours stretches. Those are now 1-2.5 hours. Yuck! Daytime naps haven't changed (30 mins)
- my happy baby cries and screams now for what seems no reason.
- some spit up after eating, sometimes an hour later, more than usual. smells sour.
- I combo feed due to low-supply. She usually gets a 1-3 bottles a day (milk or formula). She's had 0 in the last four days, outright refusing them (or just chewing on the nipple).
- She stops during nursing to roll away and cry and scream. She kicks and there's some back arching.
- Her poops are smaller.

I'm at a loss ladies. Like I said, these symptoms are normal for babies and also for a myriad of infant issues. Any ideas?