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What's the longest you and your so have been away from your lo?

  1. MrsStar

    nectarine / 2994 posts

    About 20 hours when she had a sleepover at my mum's house last month just after she turned 3. Haven't spent any time away from lo2 yet (almost 11 weeks old)

  2. Mrs. D

    pear / 1852 posts

    @mediagirl: two nights this past June. We went to Saskatoon to See Shania Twainwhen we were living in Northern SK. A coworker looked after her for the weekend for us.

  3. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    About 8-9 days for an international wedding (which we parlayed into a baby moon as well). We left her with grandparents & auntie. I think it was harder on me than her.

  4. sapphire

    nectarine / 2173 posts

    We haven't left our 7 month old LO overnight yet, but she'll have an overnight with one grandma next month and two nights with the other granny in December. I'm nervous just because I'll miss her, but I know it's good for all of us.

  5. Rainbow Sprinkles

    eggplant / 11287 posts

    5 nights. We left the older two at 3 years and 18 1/2 months to go on a babymoon. They stayed at nana's.

  6. simplyfelicity

    cantaloupe / 6634 posts

    DS is 3 months old and we left him for a few hours to go to dinner and a comedy show

  7. abmamma

    kiwi / 641 posts

    We have taken two long weekend trips (3 nights) and left LO1 with grandparents - once when she was 15 months and last spring when she was 2.5. We haven't left LO2 yet but he's only 2 months.

  8. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    Only 2 hours to celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner. She is 2 months now, and I can't wait to be able to go on more date nights once she has more of an evening routine. Right now the evening fussiness still makes it a bit unpredictable.

  9. Alba4

    nectarine / 2951 posts

    3 days. My in-laws watched him and he had a blast.

  10. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    Overnight, my son is almost 5.

  11. bloved

    persimmon / 1114 posts

    4 nights this past summer when he was 2. He stayed with my in-laws and we face timed everyday. I think we definitely missed him more than he missed us as he was always trying to get off the FaceTime to go do something fun!

  12. Rockies11

    persimmon / 1363 posts

    We have left our oldest for 24 hours a couple of times for 24 hours. I was in the hospital for a week having the baby, so I was away but saw her every day. I was in the hospital 5 days when my youngest was 3 months, so I would keep her during the day and she would go for 12 or so hours overnight.

  13. AngelicOne

    persimmon / 1050 posts

    The longest was like 4 hrs with DH when I went to get my hair done at the beginning of summer.

  14. BKCaribBaby

    pear / 1672 posts

    2 nights. We don't really have anyone we'd feel comfortable leaving her with for longer than that at this age and no local family. Maybe some day we'll be able to travel together alone.

  15. JoyfulKiwi

    nectarine / 2667 posts

    This past summer he stayed with my parents (out of state) for 5 days/4nights before I could join them for vacation time. It was great, my husband and I really enjoyed the time alone together. Our son was fine, but I think he did miss us & his home/routine (he was a bit older than 2.5 at the time).

  16. daniellemybelle

    cantaloupe / 6669 posts

    We went to Santa Barbara for a wedding and getaway when LO was 9 months old for 5 days. She stayed with my parents. It was hard (I had to pump!) but totally worth it.

  17. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    She is almost 3.5 and the longest we have both been away at the same time is one night. Less than 24 hours. It went OK. That was just during the summer.

  18. Thrifty Mama

    cherry / 127 posts

    Just a few hours. I'm still nervous about leaving him with anyone but myself. The only people who have watched DS have been his grandparents.

  19. mrsjazz

    coconut / 8234 posts

    She's 3.5 and the longest we've been away together is 2 nights. They went away without me this summer for 3 nights.

  20. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    DD just overnight while I was in the hospital after having DS. She stayed with nana and papa but visited every day.
    DS was about 8 hours while SO took me out.

  21. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    We're spent a weekend away from him for a wedding last year (dropped him off at my BIL's house Friday afternoon, picked him up Sunday afternoon) , and we'll be doing the same for a wedding this weekend (although I won't see him after D drops me off at work in the morning).

    D spent a little over a week away from him for a work trip when he was around 7-8 months old. It really sucked because I got very sick, but it was also over Easter so I could take him to my IL's house. We face-timed a lot.

  22. Bubbles

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    One night quite recently for a family party - he was 20 months. I found it quite tough but LO didn't bat an eyelid!

  23. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    Few hours. We don't have family nearby and DS didn't start STTN till recently (he's 2), so I didn't want to burden a friend with MOTN awakenings.


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