Just curious to see how much/how often LOs eat, especially around the 4-5 month mark but really any time in the first year

I'm finally at a place where I am comfortable with how much LO (4 months) is eating but we don't have a ton of consistency with when she eats or how much she eats at a time. Usually its around 5-6 times per day, but sometimes she'll eat 4-5 oz at each meal, and sometimes she alternates between finishing the whole bottle offered (6.75oz) and only eating 2-3oz. No rhyme or reason.

More and more lately, she has been finishing her whole bottle and then not wanting a ton at the next offered feeding-- I'm wondering if she's telling me she'd rather drop to 4 feedings/day with bigger bottles? But I'm a little nervous about offering her more than 6.75 oz because that just seems like so much for a little tummy!

Also, for formula moms, do you count the "extra" you get when you mix formula? Like, if I mix 6oz water and 3 scoops as directed, it makes 6.75 oz. And I count the .75 oz because thats a decent amount of extra food that is taking up room in her belly.