How do you feel about things like super short shorts during summer or crop tops in, say, a cheer leading competition? I'm talking about all ages, from little girls up until high school. I guess the same question goes for boys also, in terms of how you hope they dress themselves.

I'm firmly in the camp that I want my LO moderately dressed, just for her own self-respect, not because of predators or anything like that (although I guess that is a secondary concern). I just don't want her to be so over sexualized as a child. The societal pressures are enough as it is as an adult.

My dance team growing up always had us dressed very modestly and I appreciated that for myself. I didn't want my goods on display.

As LO gets older and develops more of an opinion, I hope we can use it as a dialog and discuss dressing ourselves for success.

How do you feel about this topic?