With our upcoming move I have the opportunity to give LO a room refresh that takes his tastes into account. Although I read to keep his room as close to what it looks like in the old house to ease the transition. He is not asking to change his room, but just over the weekend I turned on these super cool lamps in his room and he promptly said NO! and turned them off. I asked is his lamps make him happy or sad- sad. His room is fairly neutral with pops of blue and orange. All of his lamps are orange. He has an animal theme going in terms of artwork. When given the option to go to the zoo or aquarium he’d rather do something else. His favorite colors are yellow and green and he has quite a few interests and superheros seem to reign. Basically, his room doesn’t reflect him.

We all know soon-to-be 3 year olds and older kids have preferences and opinions. When did you take your LO’s preferences into account when it came to decorating?