I’m 4 months postpartum with my second and still have a significant belly and more weight than at any other time in my life. I’m ok with my body, but looking to be a bit more covered this summer. I’m super tall (5’11” with a long torso) and have never found a one piece bathing suit that fits, so I’m hoping to find 1 or 2 stylish tankinis for the summer. I did some googling but so many places seem to be selling tankinis for 50-something women who haven’t updated their style since the early 90s. Where do people shop for modern, more covered up swimsuits?

I know about summersalt but they only sell 1 tankini in black or navy blue, which is sad compared to all their other offerings. Has anyone ever bought anything from Albion Fit? They do a lot of not quite tankinis, but I’m not sure about random websites.