I live in Minnesota where it's really cold in Jan/Feb. Windchills are often in the negatives. So I need a warm coat for LO. He spends nearly every weekend playing outside with DH, and also often walks to daycare (half a mile) so we need something warm for sure.

So I have it narrowed down to these two coats for LO: the expedition parka or the stormer 3-in-1.

The parka is good for temps up to -15 F to 20 F. It's waterproof, windproof, and the reviews are great (several from MN/other northern states stating it's plenty warm).

The stormer is good for temps of -5 to 25 F. It's a 3-in-1, so it has a removable fleece. It's water resistant and wind resistant, not proof. This coat is appealing to me because of the carseat situation, he can wear the fleece in the car, and then just add the insulated shell over it when he gets out. With the parka, he'd need a separate fleece or something else.

Has anyone had experience with either? what would you choose? The parka is $25 more than the stormer.