If you have a wifi video monitor that can be viewed from your iPhone, what do you like and dislike about it? What type do you have? (Specific recs and links are great!).

Questions I'm thinking about so far:
Can it be used with two cameras easily?
Is there a separate receiver, or only the iPhone or whatever device you use?
Is it annoying to have it on your iPhone- draining the battery, using other apps, etc.
picture only or sound and picture?
Can you pan/ move the camera remotely?
Does it interfere with other wifi devices? Our current basic video monitor cuts out all the time for no reason which is part of the reason we are getting a new one.
Range? Currently we are in a small condo but will be moving in the near future, who knows how far apart the bedrooms will be.

I'm ready to kill Dh over this so I'm just going to do the stupid research myself to at least figure out what I really want it to have or not.