We love Winnie the Pooh and we are currently reading the book together. I am dying to go to the theater to watch the Christopher Robin movie with DH and DS (6.5 yo) but am also concerned the movie is probably one of those productions for grown ups (or at least older kids).

DS has not watched the Winnie the Pooh cartoons (unsure if he had watched it at school or camp though), but he had seen a Winnie the Pooh theatre production while he was doing summer camp, and we are reading the book. So he knows most of the stories and characters. However, he has yet to really watch and finish a real movie in the movie theater.... the last time he went 2 years ago it was traumatic. We were watching finding dory and he had to leave halfway because he was traumatized dory couldn’t find her parents and he cried as if I died. Gosh. But that was 2 years ago.

Thoughts and advice? Thanks!!!