Blushink's post got me thinking about this (Am I the only one that prefers naming things really what they are?).

Will you use the words "penis" and "vagina/vulva" with your children? I've seen some mommy blogs that do, and all of the moms have been pretty crunchy. I don't consider myself crunchy, but I think that using the proper vocab would be beneficial to kids.

However, I don't know how other parents will react if they hear those words being tossed around on the playground or during play dates (would it come up, anyway)? I think adults get uncomfortable with those words, even if another adult is saying them, so I don't know how they would feel hearing it from a child (isn't that why we use BD, AF, and other acronyms to disguise "icky" words?).

What do you plan on doing?

P.S. I always think of this scene from Kindergarten Cop: