Hello Everyone! We just moved back to New England from Texas, so this is our first cold season with DD (who is 10 mo old). I'm not sure how to handle cold weather clothes, specifically for the car seat. She is still in a bucket, but I'm not sure how long she will be in there. She won't outgrow it for another 10 pounds, but she may outgrow it lengthwise in the next month or so!

So my first question is, is it worth it to get a bunting for the car seat, for only 2-3 months? It is already 40 degrees out in the morning, even if it gets up to 70 during the day.

My second question is, what does everyone use for an infant in a convertible car seat?

My third question is, what does everyone recommend for other winter gear?
What is a good thin & warm coat for the carseat?
What about for wearing in a stroller, playing in the snow, etc? DD will be 12 months, in the beginning of December. How do I avoid buying several coats or pants as she grows? She's not walking now, but she will be by the end of the winer....so what do I do about snow boots?

Cold weather climate moms help me out!


ETA: a few more questions!
Her hands are always cold, mitten suggestions?
What about pajamas? She wears several layers and a fleece sleep sack to bed, but her hands are always freezing, and I worry about her arms not being covered. Do they sell sleep sacks with arms?
She has figured out how to take her socks off, so suggestions for slippers/shoes? She is not walking, just crawling, but I could only find heavy sneakers, or slippers without skids on the bottom.