I've been back at work since the beginning of July. My first couple of days back weren't that bad. Everyone told me it would start getting easier to leave baby girl and be back at work, but it's actually getting worse. Mondays are really hard for me now and I was late this morning on purpose because I didn't want to leave her. I feel like I might be trying to sabotage myself (get fired/laid off) so that I can be home with her.

Part of it is probably because my job is awful right now...maybe if I was working/doing something I like things wouldn't be getting harder.

I'm just worried I will have some kind of breakdown and become depressed (I have dealt with depression in the past) come September (husband is back at work and nanny starts) especially because LO is at the point where she doesn't like strangers (our friends) picking her up.


If you work out of your home, when did it get easier to leave your LO?