I've been really struggling at work the past few months. We've had some reorgs and the stuff I used to be excited about, I'm just not working on anymore. I love my boss, he's been really amazing and understanding as this first trimester was loads worse than my first one (he was my boss then too). But with the reorg, he has a ton of new direct reports and I just don't feel as engaged with the department and company as a result.

Adding to this, we've had a huge fiasco with our daycare and emergency switched to one of my husband's friends who watches DS with her two youngest children while DH is in classes.

We have two more years of paying tuition ahead of us and logically, I know that I need to be working as the only bread-winner, but it is just so hard these days when I'd so much rather stay home and play with my cute toddler than go to work and feel useless.

Has anyone else struggled with this? How did you deal with it?