I walk to work (about 1.5 miles), or occasionally take the bus, and i currently carry a large purse and a lunch bag. I think i'll be able to leave a pump at work, so as not to have to carry the pump back and forth, but I'll have to transport bottles daily, in addition to my lunch and purse, and I'm trying to think of the best way to handle this without becoming a bag lady! My questions are:

1) Do you have a bag that is big enough to fit your bottles, an ice pack and your daily lunch? does such a thing exist that would be easy enough to carry to and from work?

2) Is there something I could fit inside a tote so at least i could just carry my tote instead of a purse, milk bag and lunch bag?

3) I'm having trouble researching a bag because I guess i'm not totally clear on how many bottles i'll be transporting back and forth every day. Could i rinse smaller bottles to leave at work and combine the milk into one bottle for transport? Or maybe even transport in a plastic bag for freezing?

I'd love to throw a new lunch bag/bottle carrying bag on my registry, i just need to find a good one! Sorry for the millions of questions, but i figured you guys were the ones to ask