I guess I’m looking for WWYD perspectives and/or commiseration with this post:

I work in a small allied healthcare clinic. Two bosses, myself and two other practitioners. One of my bosses and one of my coworkers are crazy paleo, CrossFit, verging on anti-vax health nut type men who don’t buy the hype about COVID, think it’s all overblown, think we all should expose ourselves, the lockdown was wrong, etc etc. My other boss and coworker are like myself, as in we are the total opposite of them.

Our office has been closed since mid March. Our province is talking of reopening but hasn’t given a date yet. The last few weeks of team meetings have been about what our protocol will be since we are in very close quarters with clients and cannot maintain social distancing. The two bro’s constantly argue with us about how mainstream media is wrong and these podcast guys they know think we all just need to go back without protection, etc etc. It’s literally driving me insane.
I’m having major anxiety thinking I can’t trust either of them to uphold what we agree on or to follow our professional association and governments guidance to keep us and clients safe. I know I can only control my own actions but if they aren’t following the rules properly, it puts my family and myself as well as our patients and other coworkers at risk. We may need to rely on my in laws for childcare at our home and they are in their 70’s. I don’t want to take risks even if the science is mixed. I just want to take precautions so we can say we did everything we could to help the cause and so I can feel safe going back there.