I don't know if I am just venting or what, but both OH and I are questioning DD two year old daycare room.

Yesterday when I picked her up she was playing outside. She had a diaper full of poop. I didn't think much of it (thinking it had just happened) but when I changed her diaper at home 10 minutes later her skin was bright red from diaper rash so the poop had been in there a while.

They seem annoyed by the fact that we provide one of her snacks per day. The one day we didn't, she had cookies for both snacks.

Today at dropoff I had to pry DD off of me. When I left the room she started sobbing a very sad cry, one that I never heard before. She has been at this center since she was six weeks, this was only the third time she cried.

This is her fourth day in the two's room. Are these just a matter transitioning? Maybe the teachers (both moms, both with degrees in early child development) getting used to her cues?