LO is just over 9 months old. She's still nursing, and also eating solids like a champ. On weekdays, she nurses when she gets up, has bottles during the day at her sitter's, and has a bottle before bed so DH gets some snuggle time. On weekends, she nurses 3-4 times and gets that same bedtime bottle.

On weekdays, I pump 4x. Once after her morning feed, twice at work, and once before bed. On weekends I pump after her morning feed and before bed. Here's the thing: I have over 600oz in my freezer and am wondering if I should drop a pumping session.

On weekdays, she drinks 19oz of expressed milk on top of her morning nursing session. I'm pumping from 18-23oz a day, over the course of those 4 pumps. By a year, our ped recommends she be drinking 16-18oz of breast milk total, instead of the 24/25 she's drinking now.

It would make things SO much easier for me to drop one of the pumps, but I'm afraid it's too early. 3 months is a long time, and anything could happen. I know I have to figure out what will work best for us, but if it was you....what would you do? Would you drop one of the weekday sessions?