LO is in preschool, so the kids are 3 and 4 years old. They are working on putting their snow gear on by themselves. Yesterday at pick up one of the moms complained to the teacher that her daughters boots were on the wrong feet. I overheard and the teacher just said they are happy if the gear is all on and they are covered properly. My LO has had her boots on the wrong feet all week, and even her snow pants were on backwards one of the days. I didn't think twice about it since I know it must be stressful getting 17 3-4 year olds dressed in full winter gear. I'm curious if this is something that would bother you? I was a little surprised this mom made such a fuss about it. But maybe I'm in the minority! The only thing that would upset me would be if my LO didn't have a snow item on, like a hat or gloves.

ETA: We pick up the kids right when they are coming in from outside, this is how we know how they are dressed.