Tomorrow we are celebrating LO1's 2-yr bday - birthday breakfast, church, family nap, then early-evening bday celebration at a park with cake, presents, and friends (yay AZ, it's 80 degrees). FIL & BIL are coming the bday party tomorrow but MIL is going to her church program instead - she runs a program every Sunday night. I think it's a *little* weird she can't ask anyone to take over for one night, but whatever, I'm a teacher, I know trusting someone to "sub" is hard.

What are we doing today, on LO's actual bday? Well, I had 2 non-kid-friendly events I was invited to today plus a bunch of other "to do" items, and DH's brother was in town which is rare, so DH took LO1 for the day to spend time with MIL, FIL, and BIL. I'm getting the day off to do all my "adult" stuff and since I'm 36-wks pregnant, my ability to play with / chase a toddler is a bit limited anyway.

DH texts me telling me that MIL & FIL bought a bday cake, sang LO happy birthday, and gave him presents today. All without me there. Is that weird?

I'm not bothered but def. a bit weirded out. FWIW, MIL & FIL are our regular M-F babysitters.