I wanted to get some second opinions of how to handle something. Long story, sort of short My son was upset after his first day of 1st grade because two other classes were given a "first day of school surprise" of a fancy multicolored pen and a notebook. His class got a pencil and page of number stickers. To be fair, I understand why he was upset and wish the teachers had coordinated together. But I tried to use this as a time to explain that not everyone gets all the things all the time, even if it's disappointing. I mentioned it to my parents the next day. And told them specifically that I tried to use it as a teaching experience.
Side note: DS is an only child and has plenty of toys. But I wouldn't call him totally entitled or spoiled. He's pretty good about thinking about others, not demanding toys, and sharing.
So yesterday a wrapped gift and fancy multicolored pen showed up on our doorstep (from my parents). First, I was annoyed that they ignored the fact that I wanted to teach him to not feel entitled to all things, all the time. But I was planning to give him the gifts. UNTIL... he looked at the small wrapped gift and said, "the other classes got big fat notebooks and this is just something small." WHOA. No way. So I told him he needed to appreciate the things he had and be thankful and that he could not have the gifts that day.
So now I'm trying to think of how he can either earn them back or whether he should just get to open the gift and get the pen tomorrow. (he was very upset yesterday but hasn't asked about them today yet) I thought about making him choose 2 toys to donate, in addition to calling my parents to say thank you. But maybe I'm being too harsh? I don't know. WWYD?