We just found out that O got a spot in our local Early Head Start. It's a great program, really nice classrooms, great teachers, etc. It is encouraged that foster parents use it. O is 21 months and both of us work with flexible schedules, some from home. So far we've managed with taking turns being home with her and using my parents 1-2 partial days per week. She loves that and so do they. My wife has been watching her more lately because I have a new job, and that has also been great bonding time for them. We have been told that toddler spots rarely open up in this program and that if we don't take this spot we may not get another opportunity.

The timing is terrible. She has surgery scheduled for September. T went back to his mom last month. We have a really big important court date coming up. There's a lot going on right now and I hate to disrupt her life even more, especially since we don't need full time care. But I'm worried that I'd be making a mistake turning it down and end up in trouble if I go back to school and need full time care next year.