We live literally behind the new daycare and today I could hear a child crying quite a bit on the playground. The child kind of sounded like mine so I went outside, but the crying stopped. When I heard the crying again I went out to take a look and also could hear the teacher. She was yelling at the child to stop, telling the child nothing was wrong, his diaper was dry. She used the child’s name so I am sure the earlier cries still weren’t my child. IDK this teacher has always rubbed me the wrong way like she’s overwhelmed and doesn’t really like kids to begin with. There was another parent who took issue with the same teacher and went to the director, but the teacher is still there. I think kids- we are talking 2 year olds- should be comforted and spoken to in a nicer way- when they are that upset.

TBF this is my 5th Monday working from home within ear shot and this is the 1st time that I have been concerned about something I have heard on the playground.