Since September we have been dealing with SO much illness at our house. I know that daycare (especially the first year, apparently) can be a breeding ground for bugs and that it's very normal for L to get sick. The last time he was truly healthy was over Christmas when I had him home with me for almost 2 weeks.

Recently, L caught RSV and got a bad ear infection, he's out of daycare this entire week. My in-laws have been super great and helpful and they have been sad that L has been so sick the past few months. So they offered, if we pull L out of daycare, to take him on full time. They live across the street from where he goes to daycare, so driving would be exactly the same (and very convenient). They said we wouldn't have to pay them but that they would enroll L in lots of activities to keep him social and we would only have to pay for those (one activity at a time). Which would be SO MUCH cheaper than what we're currently paying for (which seems like a whole lot of expensive illnesses).

My main concerns are burdening them and socialization. They told me they are not burdened at all and as I mentioned above they said they would enroll him in a bunch of activities to keep him busy and social.

I have a really great relationship with my in-laws. I don't want to ruin it with something like this. I know a lot of people struggle with family taking care of their kids because of bad communication and no "rules" or contracts like a daycare.

Anyway, I'm babbling, if you had this opportunity, and if you liked everyone and trusted everyone involved, would you make this switch or stick it out with the daycare?