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WWYD: If this opportunity presented itself?

  • poll: Would you accept this offer?
    Yes! Take it! You'd be crazy not to! : (91 votes)
    82 %
    Nope. Don't deal with possible family drama, stay with daycare. : (12 votes)
    11 %
    Other. I have a more complex answer/solution. : (6 votes)
    5 %
    Kitties! : (2 votes)
    2 %
  1. blackbird

    wonderful grape / 20453 posts

    @.twist.: agreed! ALL THE COOKIES. Plus, if grandma gives a lot of cookies at noon, she'll deal with the inevitable crash at 2pm. E comes home kind of coked out sometimes, but i know she had a great day, too

  2. Modern Daisy

    grapefruit / 4187 posts

    Before committing to it fully i would knock him down to 3 days per week at daycare and ask il's to take him the other 2. That way if you realize it was a mistake you can easily go back to fulltime without making things weird. I would tell them that it's only temporary and your goal is to keep him in daycare full time.

  3. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @.twist.: I think it sounds GREAT!!! And if he's already two, you can do a half-day preschool next year anyway, and waiting for peer socialization/relationships until 3-5 years old isn't a huge deal anyway (I never even went to preschool!). I love that they want to be so involved, including doing activities - how fun! And even if you do one paid activity at a time, there are other extras they could do like library story times, open gym through the community center/library/local gym, indoor play areas, and in the summer parks/beaches... etc etc.. So many things for them to do.

    We switched J to an in-home and he's the only child she watches - and he hasn't been sick since! He still hangs out with kids - her kids and she plans tons of play dates and activities, and I love that having him with her now enables him to do those things that he wouldn't typically be able to do.

    I'm excited for you - sounds like a perfect set up!

  4. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @Mrs. Pen: Thanks!!! I'm actually getting pretty excited about it. I think secretly, I'm kind of hoping that I don't hurt my mom and dads feelings? They aren't in any place to take this on right now, nor do I think they would want to any way (they want to be grandparents, not care givers which they did for my nephew, and I totally understand that!). But I still have a nagging feeling of guilt about it.


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