I feel terrible even posting this because it's such a minor problem, but I'm going a tad crazy.. My mom has this really annoying behavior when we talk where she likes to finish my sentences on top of me. Most of the time she says the same words like if I said "I was going to go for a walk today but then it was raining" she might say the words "it was raining" over top of me. Sometime she does it though and she's completely wrong in the words she ends my sentences with (like maybe I was really going to say "but my feet hurt") and it makes me feel like she's not really listening to what I'm saying. Like maybe she's trying to show she's a good listener by demonstrating she can finish my sentences, or maybe its a high-powered career woman way to get to enter a conversation. Either way, she does it constantly, and has for years, and it drives me nuts!

But now I feel like I really want to say something. Since DS2 was born a week ago I've had a lot more 1:1 time with her than is typical so its really really bothering me. Or maybe its the hormones. Is there a polite way that I can mention this behavior to my mom without hurting her feelings and ask her to correct it? Or do I just let it go?