We're in a bit of a pickle with our 17 month old, and I feel fully responsible for his not great sleep habits. Our son sleeps in his crib in our room, and goes to sleep on his own just fine. However, once he wakes up at around 10 or so (if we're lucky), he won't go back to sleep without nursing and cuddles with me in bed. Then we start our nightly routine of nursing every 2-3 hours until he wakes up around 6. We've been doing this for close to a year.
I'm starting a new job in a month, and I'm wondering if he can be moved back to his own room and how we should go about it?
I've tried 'gently' night weaning him this past month, but it's so hard! He cries so much, and since he's in bed with me, it's pretty impossible to ignore so I usually give in and nurse.
To prepare him for night weaning, I've been talking about it with him and reading books, but it doesn't seem to work.
Part of me doesn't feel ready either... nursing him at night is usually quick and efficient, and I enjoy the snuggles. But I know this can't go on forever and I would like to start my new job with a bit more sleep. I just worry if we move him and night wean him but he still has frequent wakings, I won't be able to comfort him and we'll be in a worse position.
Any advice on what to do?! Thanks!