I'll try to keep this short and to the point without delving into the history of our friendship.

I'm MoH in my cousin's wedding on July 6, (she was also my MoH 3 years ago) She scheduled the rehearsal dinner for july 3 because her fiance, a firefighter, is working a 24 hour shift on the 4th. I will be on vacation at the jersey shore from 6/29-7/6 which is an hour away from the venue. We are planning on cutting our vacation short in order to be ready for the wedding and are coming home the day before. We had originally assumed the rehearsal would be the day before the wedding and the ceremony is going to be very short and casual.

I will be 6+ months pregnant and in order to attend the rehearsal will have to leave our house guests and my husband at the shore, while leaving him without a car (guests will most likely have a car). Then either drive back after the dinner or sleep at my parents and drive back in 4th of july traffic the next day. My husband is wary about me driving by myself, that he wont have a vehicle, and that this is our only and last vacation before baby.

I broached the subject with her last night and while she started off being very understanding, hours later texted me that she was very upset. so what would you do?