So I moved into a townhouse in December of 2020 and have one shared wall (much better than my old place where I could hear my upstairs neighbor peeing!!) anyhow, the family that lives nextdoor to us has a ~3 year old girl and an ~8 year old boy who is autistic and has ADHD. They also have half custody of a 7 year old boy. The woman home schools the boys in between maintaining her catering business (or what’s left of it) and the man is a first responder (paramedic). So they have definitely experienced a huge amount of stress this past year. We have become friendly but haven’t spent much time together as my son is super shy and hates being social.

My question - she SCREAMS at her children at least once a day. I can hear it through our wall. I know how stressful parenting can be, add a neurodiverse child and a first responder husband - I’m sure she gets virtually zero self care time. I grew up in a house where people yelled a lot so it’s a huge trigger for me and I feel absolutely awful for those kids. (There are no visible signs of physical abuse). Do I say something to her?