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Your Career vs. Family

  1. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @nwm: NYC!! Say no more!!

  2. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @skinnycow: another former big 4 gal here...leaving was the best thing I did...I left 4 months before I got married bc I knew the days of all nighters and 90 hour work weeks were no longer what I wanted...

  3. Mrs. Yoyo

    blogger / pomelo / 5400 posts

    Your Job: Staff writer
    Where do you work: Finance/lifestyle website

    - Work from home, so no commute. I don't even have to wear pants.
    - As long as I can participate in a few conference calls a week, I can work when I want to.
    - I can be there for school field trips, occasionally volunteer, run errands during the day, etc -- as long as I plan ahead
    - I still have some dedicated vacation time/retirement benefits
    - Salary is decent. Won't be getting rich, but solid.

    - Deadlines. Always.
    - I'm the only staff writer, so feel pressure to produce
    - Smaller company, so no health insurance (not a big deal as I have a spouse who has it)
    - Sometimes miss the social aspect of being in an office
    - Since I work from home, I am the one who always has to deal with sick kids, school holidays, etc. On average, I probably lose one work day a week.
    - I'm not sure my kids think I have a "real job" since I'm so available to them. This can be annoying.

    Does it impact my family/marriage: Not typically.

    Would you recommend your industry to a fellow mom? Yes, though it can be hard to find work-at-home staff jobs. Had to freelance for a long time before landing it -- which is even more flexibility, but also income instability. Could be ideal in a situation where spouse is the breadwinner.

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    (0 worst - 10 best): 9

  4. Beth24

    cherry / 223 posts

    Your Job: Sales

    Where do you work: At a small but quickly growing clothing company

    PROS (to ppl who have children): My company is pretty small and really laid back so I can come in late when I take my daughter to school and it's totally fine to take time off as needed for my kids. Working for a small company is great because I have been able to work my way to the top and get a good raise every year. I'm in inside sales so I don't have to make cold calls or anything like that. Our customers are great and are mostly outdoorsy people so I enjoy working with them.

    CONS (to ppl who have children): Benefits are pretty bad. I pay a LOT for health insurance, have no maternity leave benefits, and don't get sick days (all PTO is lumped together). Because it's a small company I feel like I do the job of multiple people. Overtime is expected and I work late on nights that my husband is home.

    Does it affect your marriage? Not really. My husband loves my coworkers and is jealous of how much I enjoy my job

    Would you recommend your industry to a fellow mom? I would, but mostly because of the specific company I work for. I never thought I work in sales, but I really enjoy it.

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  5. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23653 posts

    Your Job:
    Production/sourcing manager

    Where do you work:
    Small privately owned company 20 minutes from my house

    PROS (to ppl who have children):
    - Short commute
    - I have an understanding boss who is flexible
    - Not a ton of OT
    - Steady career

    CONS (to ppl who have children):
    - Horrible benefits due to company being small
    - Hard to get raises/no growth structure in place

    Does it affect your marriage?
    Not really. I mean sometimes when I have to OT then DH has to wrangle both kids/dinner, and if I have to travel into the city, have night functions, etc but most things we communicate in advance and plan for

    Would you recommend your industry to a fellow mom?
    For local moms yes. Having a short commute and living close to home is so essential that I am willing to live with all the cons for this one pro.

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