So I don't meant that to come off as harsh as it sounds, but LO is 3.5 and seems like he is way behind in his art skills (and not so worried about what this means for his artistic abilities, as whqat it maybe means for fine motor? or whatever artistic ability is related to developmentally). His pictures still consist of scribbles, and I"m not really sure that they're very representative (i.e. I don't think he comes up with an idea and then decides, oh I want to make a picture of that--not sure if that's also a developmental thing?). Meanwhile, I have seen many kids his age or younger who are drawing people, things, places, etc. I'm not really "concerned", per se, I guess I just think it's a little odd? Not sure when these skills will develop, especially since he has almost no interest in drawing. Anyone else's kid like this at this age?