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  1. mrsmacSLP

    apricot / 282 posts

    Hey moms! I have a question (and yes I sent a chart message to his pediatrician) about when I can stop waking W for feedings? W will be a month on Saturday and is over his birth weight by 2 pounds and over his leaving hospital weight by 3lbs (he's at 9lbs!). He's solely breastfed at this point so I'll still wake to pump so I don't lose my supply, but do I need to continue to wake W?

    Currently our routine is prep/bed at 930, wake at 1230, wake at 4 (husband leaves for work) and each feeding after 930 is maybe 7 minutes total. That makes me think he could be fine!


  2. psw27

    grapefruit / 4811 posts

    @mrsmacSLP: my doctor said today I could skip waking him up since he has surpassed his birth weight and there is no concern about his weight gain. If only my LO would cooperate and stop eating every hour and a half. I'm one tired mama!

  3. mrsmacSLP

    apricot / 282 posts

    @psw27: oh goodness, here I am complaining about every 3-4 hours! He's just so sleepy I don't know why waking him is necessary! Hoping s yours starts sleeping soon!

  4. psw27

    grapefruit / 4811 posts

    @mrsmacSLP: mine is only 18 days old so I'm trying to give him a break but yes it would be nice if he could go 4 hours!! He will, soon I hope!

  5. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @mrsmacSLP: I think you can be done waking him. My first was the same - super sleepy at night but I was waking him. I was told I could stop after he was solidly gaining weight, past birth weight and no worries of jaundice. *sigh* miss those days. DS2 is not so sleepy

  6. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    Happy Mothers Day!!

    Ian gifted me a 5 hour stretch of sleep for the first time which is pretty amazing Today were doing brunch with my parents and then I'm hoping to squeeze in a pedicure with my mom.

    What's everyone else up to today?

  7. psw27

    grapefruit / 4811 posts

    @JennyPenny: Happy mother's day! And wow what a gift! 😍 Have a great day! It's pouring rain and freezing here so we will probably stay home all day, hopefully it's relaxing!

  8. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    Happy mother's day everyone!

    I was surprised with a pair of stacking rings with my 2 DD's birthstones this morning. They're a little tight on my finger, but I'm hoping it's just swelling and they'll fit better in a couple weeks! I love them and I'm so happy DH got them for me. He's been a little hit and miss with gifts,but he did awesome this time, haha.

    I'm just spending the morning home alone with Jojo while DH and DD1 are at church. So I get to relax and watch TV, lol. Thinking about getting some amazing bbq and having a picnic at a park for dinner tonight.

  9. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @psw27: bummer about the weather. Here it's been cold all week but today is supposed to be beautiful.

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: I've been thinking about getting some stacking rings and DH asked if I want any "mom jewelry" I just haven't been able to commit to a style since we want 3 maybe 4 and I don't know how it'll end up looking. Also I might steal your picnic dinner idea. Love that!

  10. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @JennyPenny: He got me 2 rings from Pandora. They have a ton of different styles and other rings that I may add on to it later.

  11. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6789 posts

    Happy Mothers Day!!

    @JennyPenny: @abbydabbydoodlebug: DH is getting me stacking rings with my LOs names on them, but we're waiting until my swelling goes down (I still can't wear my wedding ring).

  12. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @lilteacherbee: cute idea! I just tried my wedding rings again and they're not as tight as they were before so I'm happy about that.

  13. littleblessings

    pear / 1698 posts

    Happy Mothers Day ladies.

    I'm hoping that Nova will gift me her first actual smile. It would make today so much better considering my nephew with Trisomy 18 was given a few hours left to live.

  14. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @littleblessings: I'm so sorry about your nephew. My heart goes out to your family

  15. littleblessings

    pear / 1698 posts

    @JennyPenny: thank you. My nephew passed away at 1:02 this morning. He was 3 1/2 months old.

  16. psw27

    grapefruit / 4811 posts

    @littleblessings: I'm so sorry for your loss. 😒

  17. littleblessings

    pear / 1698 posts

    @psw27: thank you. It means a lot.

  18. justjules

    apricot / 425 posts

    @littleblessings: oh my, that is heartbreaking. I am so sorry.

  19. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    I think its time for a baby update

    How old is LO?

    Current weight/height/milestones?

    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through?



    How's your recovery going?


  20. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    How old is LO? 2 weeks tomorrow

    Current weight/height/milestones? She definitely looks chubbier lately, so I'm thinking she's back up to birth weight (7lbs 3oz) or more.

    Eating: She is an awesome nurser. At least compared to my first.

    Sleeping: She does pretty good at night. We usually get a 3 hour chunk in the beginning, but that doesn't always line up with our bedtimes. Lol.

    How's your recovery going? It's going ok. I'm going into my Dr office 2x a week to get the gap in my incision checked. It's gotten a lot better. I'm still pretty sore but not enough to take any meds.


  21. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    How old is LO? 1 month tomorrow! The time definitely seems to be flying faster with #2

    Current weight/height/milestones? 11lb 3oz at 1 month checkup. 22 inches at 2 week check up. No smiles yet, but he did accidentally roll over the other day

    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through? He seems to be easygoing like his big brother. He calms fairly easily most of the time. But boy is this kiddo gassy. Farts and farts and farts all day long!

    Eating: Eating is going well. Still nurses about 8 times per day. Bottles are hit and miss. Sometimes he'll down 4.5 oz and still seem hungry and others he'll take half an ounce and spit it all out. Can't tell what's up with that.

    Sleeping: We added a dream feed this past week which has helped a lot. Now I'm only getting up once or twice per night. We're working towards an 8pm bedtime to match up with DS1 too.

    How's your recovery going? Pretty good. I overdid it one weekend and that set me back a bit. So I'm trying to get back into exercise more slowly. I feel like I can do a lot more so its hard to hold myself back. My incision barely hurts and I've been of pain meds for a while. My bleeding had stopped for a bit too but it came back when I overdid it and is still here


  22. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: Sorry if this is a dumb question - but did they not sew the gap back up?

  23. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6789 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: Ahh, sorry your recovery has been a bit complicated! I had a similar issue after my first c-section. Also, she's beautiful

    @JennyPenny: That serious face 😍 My bleeding tapered off really early (like 5 days pp!) it came back for a few days, but it's gone again now. So weird because I remember bleeding for at least a 4-5 weeks with my boys. I'm also anxious to exercise again, mainly because I haven't really been in shape since between my first two babies. Last time, I lost the weight, but I wasn't toned or anything. But I've still got awhile to wait because I'm only 2 weeks pp.

  24. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6789 posts

    How old is LO? 13 days

    Current weight/height/milestones? She was 7 lb 13 oz last week, so I think she's probably back to birth weight now (8 lb 3 oz) and around 19.5 inches

    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through? She's very chill and only cries when she's hungry- so far, a very easy newborn! Part of it is probably that she's the third baby and I'm less stressed about most things this time around.

    Eating: She nurses every 2-2.5 hours and is my first baby to not use a nipple shield (yay!). She had her first bottle of pumped milk a couple days ago.

    Sleeping: She usually wakes up 2-3 times per night and goes back down pretty easily.

    How's your recovery going? Pretty good, no major issues. Still a little sore at times, but not too bad.


  25. psw27

    grapefruit / 4811 posts

    How old is LO?: 4 weeks today

    Current weight/height/milestones? He was 8 lbs 2 oz at his 2 week appointment (up from 6 lb 14 oz at birth). Guessing he will be over 9 at his one month appointment on Monday.

    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through?: He's a little fussy this week but overall seems laid back like his brother was. He likes to be held all day right now!

    Eating: every 2 hours but definitely clusters at night between 7-10 pm

    Sleeping: he does one longer stretch from about 10-1 but then every 2 hours after that. He has been so gassy and fussy from 4 am on and pretty much grunts until 6 am so mommy can't go back to sleep.

    How's your recovery going?: Okay.... I have this fear that something is wrong. The bleeding comes and goes. Sometimes it's nothing for an entire day and then the next day it's bright red and clots again (not sure if I should worry?). I've been doing a lot of walking since I take my older son to daycare every morning on foot. I'm mostly just really tired. I just started pumping this week so I'm hoping to get a break this weekend.

  26. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @psw27: Mine is super gassy/grunty too. I don't know if its gotten better in the past week or if its because I moved out of his room and his grunts don't trigger the monitor. Either way, it was rough sleeping next to a noisy baby that just had to "work it out"

  27. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @JennyPenny: Not dumb! I have internal dissolvable stitches and then they use staples to close it further. So when they took the staples out on my discharge day, they discovered that I had a gap in my incision. I think they wanted to avoid additional sutures and had the on call obgyn come look at it. They put silver nitrate in it (burns like hell!) And put gauze and packed it with a maxi pad. So I've been going in to my Dr office and he said it's closed up about halfway now. Sorry if this was TMI, haha.

  28. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: Wow, that seems just crazy to me! I think I would be so nervous all the time. I'm glad they're checking it regularly though I'm sure it's annoying to have that many appointments

  29. mrsmacSLP

    apricot / 282 posts

    How old is LO? One month 4 days

    Current weight/height/milestones? 9lbs even this morning, didn't get a height (circumcision check). Milestones: Pretty sure I got a smile yesterday! He's always been a roller and has been sleeping on his side a lot but he can roll back into his back so I let him stay!

    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through?: he's stubborn! But we expected that. Very calm otherwise.

    Eating: Every 2-3 during the day and 3-4 at night. Last night we got a 5 hour stint!

    Sleeping: The first "put down" is ROUGH. We aim for 9:30pm because my husband gets up at 3:45 am for work. Usually I end up rocking him until 1030/11 in his room then I can place him in his bassinet next to our bed. Night wake ups are typically easier to get in back down.

    How's your recovery going?: I have my 6 week PP next week but otherwise great! I'm out and about but not exercising yet.

    Picture (my favorite because it shows how much he hates morning like me!)

  30. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @JennyPenny: I just try not to think about it! Haha. I get grossed out if I think about it too much. I have to wash it out with antibacterial soap and that's weird too. Again, I just don't think about it or look at it, haha.

    All the appts are kind of annoying, but I love my obgyn. He's seriously amazing and he loves seeing my girls. All of us have to go to every appt bc I can't lift the carseat or stroller for DD2. The office is about 30-40 min drive so I need to take her with me.

  31. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6789 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: My incision with my first popped open at the spot where it crossed a vertical scar from a childhood surgery and they had me put honey on it because it's a natural antiseptic 😳 I was scared to look at it, so I made DH do it and I was sure he'd never touch me again after it was all over πŸ˜‚ Also, I'm pretty sad to be done with babies because I'll miss my OB office. I've spent a lot of time there- 27 months of pregnancy in the last 3.5 years!

    @mrsmacSLP: so sweet! Your nights sound like ours. She cluster feeds a lot before her first stretch so it feels like it takes forever!

  32. littleblessings

    pear / 1698 posts

    How old is LO? 1 month 1 week and 2 days

    Current weight/height/milestones? Current weight is 10lbs 4.5oz, height is 21in.
    Milestones- she's more awake and we got our first "non-gas" smile this morning. She holds her head up really really well. We moved from newborn diapers to size 1. Just moved from nb to 0-3 month clothing. She sleeps pretty much all night.

    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through? She is a sassy one. She yells all the time but never cries unless she's hungry. She loves sitting up and hates when her siblings touch her. She loves her bouncer, baby wearing and being nakey. Still trying to figure out if she likes baths. She's unsure of them.

    Eating: she is currently cluster feeding. So eating constantly except at night. At night it's waking to eat every 4 hours.

    Sleeping: she sleeps really well. Only waking every 4 hours at night and taking 5 naps a day.

    How's your recovery going? I think I'm pretty much good to go. Stopped bleeding a week ago. Would have been sooner but I always overdo it. I have my 6 week check on Monday.


  33. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @lilteacherbee: I got a yeast infection in my first incision because I really didn't know to keep it dry, ugh. THAT was gross and DH had to put meds on it. I thought the same thing as you that he would never touch me again, haha.

  34. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: @lilteacherbee: I'm glad I'm hearing these stories *after* my incision seems to have healed completely

    @littleblessings: wow that's awesome! I know she's one of the oldest but I'm jealous of that sleep!

    @mrsmacSLP: our first put down of the night has been rough too. I've noticed it goes much better the more I can keep him awake during the day, which can be so hard sometimes. He slept pretty much all day today so I'm prepping for a rough bedtime

  35. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6789 posts

    @JennyPenny: Haha I forget that we had so many c-sections in this group! The good news is that recovery #3 has been the easiest.

    I'm still feeling sad about the OB's recommendation that I shouldn't have more because my uterus is super thin at this point (risk of uterine rupture, etc). I feel crazy because when I really think about it, I don't actually want 4 kids (!!), but I'm sad that she's going to be the last (even though 3 was always our number). I'm a newborn person and I truly looove this phase, so it's hard knowing this is the last time. Plus, there's nothing like the anticipation and excitement of a new baby. But again, the reality of FOUR kids scares me and I feel ridiculous because I currently have 3 kids under 4 lol. Gah, the postpartum hormones and emotions are real 😫 I'm trying to remind myself of all the good things about being done and eventually, slightly older kids, etc.

  36. justjules

    apricot / 425 posts

    How old is LO?: 4 weeks
    Current weight/height/milestones? At her two week appt she was something like 7.10 (up from 6.8 at birth)
    What's your LO like? Any personalities showing through?: She's a pretty content baby when she's not struggling with reflux. Still not awake for much of the time. She is usually asleep and when she's not, she's eating or spitting up and crying from her reflux
    Eating: every 2-4 hours
    Sleeping: she sometimes does one longer stretch at night. She is a super loud sleeper like others have mentioned. So it makes it hard to sleep even when she is sleeping
    How's your recovery going?: I had a vbac and recovery is so sooooo much better. I did NOT have a good recovery from my csection last time. I think I'm going to start working out soon again to try and loose some of his baby weight!

  37. mrsmacSLP

    apricot / 282 posts

    @lilteacherbee: ugh are the worst! And you can come be our nanny for the newborn phase. I've learned it isn't for me but I do want 2 babes! They're now just going to be 5 years apart πŸ˜‚.

    @JennyPenny: I'm starting to wonder if the first put down is so rough because I honestly dread it and maybe he senses it!

  38. littleblessings

    pear / 1698 posts

    @lilteacherbee: I feel you on the newborn phase. Newborn through the first year is my favorite. I also don't really want a 4th but the thought of Nova being my last makes me really sad.

  39. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @lilteacherbee: we've always said "3, maybe 4" and I suspect I'll feel a lot like you do after #3 and it'll push me to 4. I hate the "end" or "last" of things. Too many emotions..

  40. littleblessings

    pear / 1698 posts

    @JennyPenny: don't be jealous of her sleep. She was up til 2 this morning for some reason.

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