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  1. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @MapleMoose: Oh my gosh, so sorry you had to go through all that! Hope the Neocate helps him and he's better soon And I'm with you with 3 under 4... it's crazy town around here most of the time, but I'm loving it (except for the fact that we've all been passing a cold around for the last month!).

    @bubblegum: I'm a photographer, so most of my work is at home, but I started taking sessions again last week. This is my busy season (I live at the beach= lots of vacationers wanting family photos). Hope your transition back is smooth and your first day went by quickly! Hugs! I went back to teaching 8 weeks after my oldest was born and I know it's hard.

  2. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    @lilteacherbee: Thank you! This 3 under 4 thing... It's chaotic but it's wonderful at the same time. I hope you all can shake that cold and be infection-free the rest of the summer.

  3. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    I need some love and support ladies.

    Today we went to Evie's 4 month checkup with the Pediatrician. Unfortunately all was not normal - her head was measuring large, so they sent us for an ultrasound of her brain.

    The ultrasound shows hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain," meaning that her CSF isn't circulating well and is backing up in her head.

    We went to the ED and saw the Pediatric Neurosurgeon who wants to put in a VP shunt this coming Monday.

    We of course didn't see this coming, and it's a particularly painful setback after everything we've been through with the delivery, NICU stay, NEC scare, etc. We really thought we were on our way to normalcy.

    The bright side is she is doing well though, and it was caught early enough that we don't have to have it done emergently.

    I just can't believe they have to put holes in the head of my beautiful little angel. She doesn't deserve any of this.

  4. justjules

    apricot / 429 posts

    @yellowbeach: I am so sorry you and your baby girl have to go through this. My thoughts are with you.

  5. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @yellowbeach: Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for her and your family. A family friend's grandson had the same thing happen (head measuring large, hydrocephalus, shunt placed, etc.) at just a few weeks old. In fact, I had just done his newborn photos and the next day, he was airlifted to a children's hospital. Anyway, this was back in November and he's doing amazing now. Hoping and praying for the same for your sweet girl.

  6. bubblegum

    pear / 1711 posts

    @lilteacherbee: Aww thank you love! I am sure you are kept on your toes with all those amazing wedding this time of year!

    @yellowbeach: Aww mama! I am so sorry to hear after the intense couple of months you guys had bringing this angel into the world and now this. I'll be sending prayers your way that everything goes smoothly and turns out amazing. Hang in there, mama!

  7. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    @yellowbeach: Sending love and prayers for dear Evie. She has proven she's a trooper after all she's already overcome. I have faith she will sail right through. Hugs.

  8. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1346 posts

    @yellowbeach: poor thing! I'll be thinking of you all on Monday and hoping the procedure goes well!

  9. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1346 posts

    @yellowbeach: How's everything going?

    Today is my first day back to work. My boss and work BFF are out today though so I feel like there's really nothing to do. DS did great with daycare drop off this morning, and I'm currently pumping - so at least I remembered all my parts. Daycare is on site at work so I'll go nurse around lunch time. Overall pretty boring day which I suppose is a good thing.

  10. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    @JennyPenny: surgery went well. We are home from the hospital now and healing. We have a post-op appointment a week from tomorrow.

  11. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1346 posts

    @yellowbeach: glad to hear it! I hope everything continues to go well

  12. littleblessings

    pear / 1703 posts

    How are you ladies doing?

    Here's little miss Nova.

  13. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @littleblessings: hi! What a cutie!

    We're doing pretty good here. 9 weeks today!
    Had a scare that I saw blood in DD's diaper and sent it off to be tested,but everything came back negative so phew. Cat naps are starting to hit now, blegh. But I was able to get her to take a 3 hr nap today in the bouncer and I just had to bounce her every so often back to sleep. How is sleep for everyone else going?


    persimmon / 1187 posts

    Look at these cuties!!

    Keira is 12 weeks and doing well. She's had two bad colds, one was confirmed to be a different virus with bad cold symptoms- we were in the ER for that one. She was just baptized so that was a special day.

    Naps are hit or miss, mostly short unless I hold her but night sleep is good.

    I'm having a very tough recovery. It's been really hard and definitely added some stress. I started physical therapy this week and so far the pain is worse but I'm optimistic about it.

  15. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @yellowbeach: I just saw your update! I'm so sorry! How is she doing? How was surgery follow up?

    Everything is going well over here. Still working on the nighttime sleep situation... He just wants to eat often so we are following the moms on call schedule and hoping he starts sleeping longer. I'm exhausted!

    @MOMTOLITTLEB: I'm sorry about your recovery! I hope physical therapy helps you, they are miracle workers at helping to heal the pelvic floor. I wish every doctor automatically referred women to pt, we have no guidance in how to heal properly.

  16. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @littleblessings: She's so cute!

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: Ugh, sorry about the scare, that sounds stressful Glad everything is okay, though!

    @MOMTOLITTLEB: Oh no! Hope the physical therapy helps and you feel better soon.

  17. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    DD is 10 weeks old now and mostly doing great. I'm probably jinxing us, but she's currently sleeping through the night (about 9-10 hours). This is crazy to me because my middle child was a TERRIBLE sleeper until 12-15 months, but I'll take it!

  18. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @lilteacherbee: her arm rolls 😍😍😍😍 and so jealous of your sleep! Crazy how different every kid is!

  19. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1346 posts

    @MOMTOLITTLEB: I'm sorry to hear about your tough recovery. I hope PT helps.

    We're doing great. Ian is an amazingly easy, happy baby. Ive been back at work for 2 weeks now and I miss him so much during the day

  20. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    Just a quick update...

    Yesterday morning we had our post-op visit with her Pediatric Neurosurgeon. He seemed to think she was doing even better than expected and gave us the "all-clear," telling us to come see him in another year!

    Here's a short little photo video DH made to document the experience: https://quik.gopro.com/v/9jzW8CeVRZ/

    Thanks for the and support ladies!

  21. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @yellowbeach: so glad she's doing well. I teared up when I watched the video - Sending her off to surgery must have been so hard! I can't decide if it's harder for you or easier because you and DH are both doctors! Too much info or is it reassuring? Xo. Lots of hugs for sweet Evie!

  22. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    @psw27: I think in most cases it's helpful, as long as you can remember to be a parent (and not a doctor) at the right moments. DH drives himself nuts paying attention to every small eye movement that *might* be abnormal... I have to remind him we aren't Neonatologists, Pediatricians or Neurosurgeons, and need to defer to our docs when they say they have no concerns. I think it does help us not sweat the small stuff, and does help us focus on the things that really matter in keeping your LO safe like safe sleeping practices, car seats, good growth, etc.

  23. littleblessings

    pear / 1703 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: Nova sleeps pretty much all through the night. She wakes once for a feeding and she sleeps quite a bit throughout the day too. She is only awake for like 2 hours before she naps.

  24. littleblessings

    pear / 1703 posts

    @MOMTOLITTLEB: I hope that the physical therapy helps you a lot!

    @lilteacherbee: thank you. Yours is stinking adorable too. Love the rolls.

    @JennyPenny: we have an easy baby too. Ian is so cute!

    @yellowbeach: glad to hear that she is all clear!

  25. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    Out of curiosity, has anyone restarted their cycle yet?

  26. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @yellowbeach: I'm so glad she's doing okay. Hopefully this is her last hospital visit for a long long time!

    And no to the cycle. Last time I didn't get it until I quit pumping completely so my DS was 15 months old!

  27. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @yellowbeach: Nope. It didn't return until 11 months with DS1 and 10 months with DS2 (I nursed until 13-14 months both times). I know you were talking about doing another IVF transfer early next year, so I hope it comes back soon for you if that's what you want! FWIW, both times I got pregnant super fast once my period came back.


    persimmon / 1187 posts

    @yellowbeach: I'm so glad you got such a positive update. What a relief.

    I haven't gotten my cycles back yet. I am still breastfeeding but not exclusively so I'm not sure if there's a connection.

    @psw27: @littleblessings: @lilteacherbee: @JennyPenny: Thanks for your support. I am glad I finally know more about why I haven't felt better and what I can do to hopefully help myself heal. My physical therapist also recommended talking to someone about postpartum depression so I have. The therapist thinks it is more like PTSD from a difficult birth and recovery. I passed the depression screenings, I don't feel hopeless and I find great joy in caring for my daughter but I am struggling with some things and not feeling as well as I'd like to emotionally.

    I'm really glad I decided to take a few extra weeks off from work but I'm worried about going back. I can't wear clothes that are tight on my belly without pain. Hopefully dresses and maternity leggings will work.

  29. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1346 posts

    @yellowbeach: Not yet. With DS1 I got mine back around 3-4 months pp. It was shortly after returning to work and around when he stopped nursing during the night. If it goes the same this time mine should be showing up any day now...

    @MOMTOLITTLEB: I've often found that emotional health is so tightly related to physical health. Hopefully you'll feel more like yourself once the pain is under control. *hugs*

  30. littleblessings

    pear / 1703 posts

    You guys are all so lucky. I'm EBFing constantly and my cycle never skipped a beat.


    persimmon / 1187 posts

    @JennyPenny: I think that makes a lot of sense I my case. I can't move on because I'm in pain all the time. Things are not exactly like I expected they'd be 3 months out but that's probably not unusual with new babies! I'm lucky that my second is an easier baby.

  32. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    Anyone else's baby stop sleeping well at 9/10 weeks? Jojo has gone from 5, to 4, to now only 3.5 hr stretch in the first part of the night (so from 715-11) and then 2.5, then every hour. I'm dying a little inside every time she wakes up.

  33. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: mine was not a good sleeper until more recently but I will say that schedule sounds familiar. It didn't last long... We started getting some longer first stretches at around 12 weeks (7-2, 8-4!) And then he was going back down until 5-6 which wasn't horrible. He's in a growth spurt right now so he was up at 1:30 and 4:30 (and 6 and 7!) to eat. Yawn!!!

  34. abbydabbydoodlebug

    nectarine / 2636 posts

    @psw27: mine was up at 1130, 230, 4,5, 630. Ugh. I think she's in a wonder week right now. I was a big grump this morning to my DH. Poor guy. If I can 3 hours in one stretch, then I'm pretty good to go the next day.

  35. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @abbydabbydoodlebug: I love that app! For my older son it was always pretty accurate. And it says my little guy is in a leap right now, which seems right! Fussy and hungry! Isn't it so funny how 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep is good enough now?! Haha I got 6 the other night and felt like I had slept for days!

  36. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    I think Aunt Flo heard me asking about her last week because she made a surprise visit today.

    So, I have to confess I've been a bad patient. My OB wrote me for NuvaRing to start 6w PP but I still haven't used it now at 5.5 months. I think since we had to do IVF to have this LO, the idea of using birth control seems crazy to me. I know it's stress on your body and not ideal to be pregnant before a year, but part of my is eager for #2 and wants to be able to try straight out of the gate come February.

  37. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @yellowbeach: how funny! Ask and you shall receive! I don't blame you for not using the ring if you did IVF the first time. I never went back on any BC after my first because I didn't want to deal with the normalizing period coming off of it again. It took me a year to get regular so I didn't want to go through that again.

  38. yellowbeach

    kiwi / 599 posts

    Look who is packing on the lbs... #yougrowgirl

  39. psw27

    grapefruit / 4844 posts

    @yellowbeach: ❤❤❤

  40. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1346 posts

    @yellowbeach: So awesome!

    And related to BC (or not) is anyone having serious baby fever? I never really wanted kids close in age so my head says "you're crazy lady" but my heart wants another baby now! Maybe its because I know now how fast its going to go...

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