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August 2017 moms!

  1. Mrs. Microscope

    pear / 1610 posts

    Feeling good at 26 weeks! Minimal swelling, mostly in my fingers when I work out. But I know it's coming! We are pretty busy the next few weeks, and I bet it will be July before I know it. Then time will slow down before delivery, hahaha!

  2. sunset840

    grape / 97 posts

    I had my glucose test this morning and the Rhogham shot. I broke my toe on Mothers day and I've been a bit of a hobbling mess since then but otherwise feeling really good. I start going every two weeks now! Time seems to fly by one week and then drag the next. I finally have started buying things for Lil' Liam as my son is calling him!

  3. cheesetomywhine

    pear / 1552 posts

    Hello ladies, is it alright if I join in quite late? My last two were born at 39 and 38 weeks so there is a chance it could be an August baby.

    Location: RI
    EDD: 9/2
    First child? Nope number 4! DD will be 5 at the end of June, DS1 just turned 3 and DS2 is 17 months.
    Symptoms? Thankfully another easy pregnancy thus far.
    We have told all the people we come in contact with I believe. I am happy to have reached viability! I've been reading along but didn't want to commit for whatever reason until now.

  4. Revel

    persimmon / 1455 posts

    @cheesetomywhine: welcome!

    I'm feeling decent, 26 weeks tomorrow. Lots of BH and pressure in the afternoons at work, seems like sitting a lot brings them on? I feel much better on my active days. Finally feeling more excited to get to the baby part of this whole thing, can't believe I've only got 14 weeks to go! My daughter is so excited, it's been fun to share this time with her l.

  5. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8730 posts

    @cheesetomywhine: Welcome and congrats on #4!

    I'm feeling ok....haha.. it was hot and humid like 2 days this week, and I was a ragey/hormonal grump to be around, to put it lightly. DH said I better not be like that all summer...hahaha I think the jokes on him, because he's just going to have to deal with it! I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow, and my glucose test/28 week appt is on the 30th! I hope I pass!

  6. sojellybean

    olive / 72 posts

    @cheesetomywhine: Welcome to August! I've been thinking about checking in on September since I'm due the 30. DD was two weeks early so if she is anything like my first, little sister might just throw us for a loop and be 2 weeks late!

    I'm almost 26 weeks. Feeling really good, until I look in the mirror or try on a pair of shorts that I thought would fit and then I'm feeling big!

    @MrsBrewer: Also had a bad ragey hormonal week here and I took it out on DH and DD more than I would have liked. I find I'm much more balanced when I get 30 minutes of exercise and don't eat total crap. Easier said than done! My glucose test is also on the 30, woohoo!

  7. peachykeen

    persimmon / 1116 posts

    @cheesetomywhine: Welcome! I will add you to the list once I'm on my computer.

    So I guess the glucose test was the least of my worries, because they found protein in my urine at my appointment this morning and my BP was high (I'd checked it before I left for the appointment though and it was normal then). They sent me to labor & delivery for monitoring based on my history of pre-eclampsia and told me I would be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. I was really upset initially because the OB told me they'd try to keep baby girl cooking as long as possible but it wasn't likely I'd make it to 34 weeks.

    Luckily, the OB on call at the hospital (one of my favorites at the practice) made me feel a lot better about the situation. My BPs and labs at the hospital looked good, the MFM doctors did an ultrasound and said baby looked perfect, and the on-call OB told me it was only trace protein in the urine so she wasn't worried unless my 24 hour urine collection came back abnormal. I had been told to expect to stay at least through Saturday evening, but she was sweet enough to let me go home to complete the urine collection and rest.

    They did give me the first of 2 steroid shots to help baby's lungs mature (I go back tomorrow for the 2nd), but I'm hopeful we will make it to 34 weeks and won't need it. I'm not even really swelling yet so I hope this was all a fluke

  8. cheesetomywhine

    pear / 1552 posts

    @peachykeen: oh goodness, that sounds so stressful! I hope the 24 hour collection turns out okay. Glad you were able to go home. Fingers crossed for you!

  9. Mrs. Microscope

    pear / 1610 posts

    @peachykeen: keep us posted! tale care of yourself!

  10. peachykeen

    persimmon / 1116 posts

    We've all got such frequent appointments at this point, I think I'll leave that section off - crazy to think we'll probably be adding induction & C-section dates in a couple months!

    @cheesetomywhine: are you team green?

    Any other gender updates I've missed?

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  11. cheesetomywhine

    pear / 1552 posts

    @peachykeen: Yes I am. Thanks for adding me! How are you feeling today?

  12. peachykeen

    persimmon / 1116 posts

    @cheesetomywhine: I'm actually feeling fine - I'm pretty convinced my original OB completely overreacted based on one random high BP reading. I'm supposed to schedule another visit Monday morning and I'm hoping they downgrade me to modified bed rest given I seem to have no real symptoms

    I did get my second steroid shot for baby's lungs this afternoon, so I guess we're covered no matter what happens!

  13. cheesetomywhine

    pear / 1552 posts

    @peachykeen: awesome to hear! Modified bed rest would be much better I would think. Precautions are good to have though- better safe than sorry.

  14. Mrs. Microscope

    pear / 1610 posts

    @peachykeen: glad to hear so far so good! Fingers crossed for a better appointment on Monday.

    I had a massage this morning and it was heavenly. I got a prescription for EOW massages from my obs, so I can get HSA reimbursement. I'm excited! Also, expecting to have little dude 12 weeks from today! Eek! Can't wait to actually get scheduled!

  15. peachykeen

    persimmon / 1116 posts

    @Mrs. Microscope: The massages sound amazing!

    And it sounds so exciting to (almost) know baby's birthday! My goal is 9.5 weeks from now at 38 weeks (DD1 was 37 weeks) but I'll feel pretty comfortable if we get to 34 at least.

  16. Mrs. Blue

    blogger / pomelo / 5260 posts

    @cheesetomywhine: Welcome! Glad to have another mama of 4 to keep me company.

    @peachykeen: Yikes! Hope you keep doing well and at least get modified bed rest. When you do start adding c-section/induction dates, mine is already scheduled for Aug. 8.

    Everything is going well here. I'm 28 weeks tomorrow and have my repeat ultrasound to get the rest of the pics and measurements they couldn't get the first time and then my appointment is after that. I should be doing my glucose test and getting my Rhogram shot. I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable and I'm not sure where 11 more weeks of baby growth is going to go, but it is what it is! I got back yesterday from a work trip to Chicago and Cincinnati. It involved lots of walking, late nights, and sitting at conferences in between. We had a good time, and I was happy that I was able to keep you with everyone and not be a downer. I'm wiped out today, though! DH and I were talking and realized that our next month is crazy, so I'm hoping that will make it fly by. We're going out of town (6 hr trip) this weekend for Memorial Day, the next weekend I'm taking a girls' trip (6 hrs but flying that time), the next weekend we leave to take the boys to my in-laws (8 hour drive) where they will stay for the week while DH and I go to New Orleans for 4 days. Then we'll come back to spend a couple days with everyone and then drive home the following weekend. I know it will be tiring, but I'm hoping all the busyness and fun will help this month go by quickly and then I'll feel more like I'm in the home stretch.

  17. Lilac

    pea / 16 posts

    @Mrs. Microscope: those massages sound fabulous right now!
    @cheesetomywhine: welcome!!!
    @mrs.blue: I can relate, traveled this weekend for a graduation and kept up well with everyone the last couple of days but am pooped now. I am also heading to New Orleans soon for a little babymoon! Can't wait!

  18. Mrs. Blue

    blogger / pomelo / 5260 posts

    @Lilac: So fun! When are you going? If it's before us, I'll need to hear how it went, what you did, etc. I'm a little nervous about how hot it's going to be, but we just couldn't make any cooler weather places work this time.

  19. peachykeen

    persimmon / 1116 posts

    @Mrs. Blue: Wow! You are going to be so busy I bet the last few months just fly by! I'm half jealous and half exhausted reading about your plans

    Well I passed my glucose test but urine protein results weren't as favorable as I hoped... So I guess at least I can eat M&Ms and cheesecake while I sit on my butt for the next several weeks? At least DH is a teacher and only has a few more days of work left before summer break - it's a lot harder to follow the bed rest recommendations with a 2 year old!


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