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  1. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @Katrocap: I saw you had NIPT done. Hopefully those results provide additional detail? Will they call while you’re on vacation?

  2. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts


  3. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @ChillMama86: We did a little gender reveal with close family. We didn't know the Gender and it was fun finding out with everyone else. With our First we found out at the ultrasound then surprised everyone else.

  4. thepaperbutterfly

    grape / 78 posts

    I did an elective ultrasound about two weeks ago and found out we're having a boy . I have mixed feelings about it. I thought it would be nice for my daughter to have a sister, but I guess she'll have to make do with a brother XD No more kids after this for me. My husband was super excited to have a son. I'm too impatient to do a gender reveal. We didn't do it last time with my daughter.

    My NT scan a few weeks ago was normal, and baby's NT measurement was 1.5. Oddly enough I did a genetic test on myself, and I'm a carrier of the genetic defect that causes PKU. Carrier rate is about 1/50 for Caucasians. My husband is Japanese and the carrier rate for him is 1/225, so we decided not to have him tested. More like he refused to get tested, and I have to honor his wishes. I don't think we would terminate if the baby had PKU, and it's something they test for right after birth

    I look really pregnant, so everyone at work knows XD I have diastasis recti from the last pregnancy, so I have a bigger bump now then I did with my last pregnancy -_____- It sucks being a retail pharmacist because I see so many patients throughout the day, and lots of people feel they have the right to comment on my body.

    I have my 20 week scan in about 5 weeks. If everything is alright then I can finally relax a little.

    @Katrocarp: I googled stuff, and I read about cases where everything turned out fine. I'm sure you've done that too. I'm sorry, this stuff is so scary

    @Lindseykaye: Congrats on having another girl! Your daughter is going to be a great big sister :3

  5. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @Katrocap: I think they do that starting at 11w so you're within the window. I hope you get those results soon.

  6. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    I'm 15 weeks today and hello, baby. My belly popped out and I'm feeling movement! Thursday I have a heartbeat check. In July I have the big ultrasound.

  7. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @ChillMama86: This is your first so you may have a lot of fun finding out with everyone else. But I know that even though my husband and I are so happy to have another daughter and were kind of thinking that was the case, we still needed some time to process our feelings about the baby not being a boy, which was something we were kind of holding out hope for since we are done at 2 kids. So, that's just to say you might surprise yourself in needing a little time as a couple or alone to process the news of what gender you're having before there's a room of people and all their opinions/excitement/comments.

    @thepaperbutterfly: Congrats on your boy! And yes - your feelings kind of reinforced my thoughts on having time to process the gender with your partner whatever the results! But yeah, it might be more applicable for people having their second and espeically those of us stopping at 2 kids.

    I'm way right there with everyone who looks very visibly pregnant. I've told a few more people at work because I had to excuse myself from an audit I'd normally participate in that was in the Level 2 areas of our microbiology lab. No thanks to being around listeria, salmonella, and e. coli O157 cultures. And I had to bow out of a sensory panel on 'medical drink' (basically adult pedialyte) but since I don't know what kind of extra ingredients are in it I declined.

    I have another blood draw on Friday, And my anatomy scan has to be delayed by a week since I have work travel - set for me in mid July. Hoping it continues as the rest of our testing and everything is low risk and then we can relax that little bit more.

    @Katrocap: Thinking of you too! Hoping your blood screen comes back quickly!

  8. Christy412

    grape / 83 posts

    Soooo my husband and I decided to go for it. We're going to get the early gender scan on Saturday morning! hahaha I can't wait to find out what we're having! My mom (and son) are going to come with us and we'll FaceTime my in-laws during or right after. Stay tuned!!!

  9. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1227 posts

    @lindsaiinny, @mediagirl, @lindsaykaye, @thepaperbutterfly: They called with the results today. There is a greater than 1 in 5 chance that the baby has Downs. I have to wait until we get back home on July 2 to have a CVS because my insurance doesn't cover it out of state. I am numb but terrified.

  10. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @thepaperbutterfly: Congratulations on your boy. I know sometimes it can take some time to adjust to the gender no matter the case. I feel like you can imagine a life with either so when you get dealt the one you kind of mourn the life you imagined with the other. (If that makes sense at all)

    @Christy412: I'm so excited for you! Saturday can't come soon enough.

  11. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @Katrocap: I'm so incredibly sorry you're going through this, especially with you having to wait to get further testing. I hope the time passes quickly and you can get some answers. Big Hugs!!!

  12. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @Katrocap: I'm so sorry. I know this must be really hard for you right now. Keep us up to date on what you are doing (when you're back, more testing, etc). We're here for you.

  13. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1401 posts

    @Katrocap: I’m now a lurker on this board, but just wanted to say I am thinking of you and hoping so strongly for a positive outcome. If you need to vent or let your mind wander to any dark places, please wall me. I wish you the best.

  14. LabradorLover

    apricot / 491 posts

    @Katrocap: Lurking around but wanted to let you know I am here for you as well. I just went through all of this just a few short months ago and can understand the pain/feelings you might be having. I am really hoping for a positive outcome for you and your family.

  15. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @Katrocap: Thinking of you Will a CVS provide more accurate results?

  16. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1227 posts

    @yellowbeach: Thank you. I will PM you soon.

    @labradorlover: I am sorry you had to go through this, too. Thank you for the support.

    @lindsayinny: Thanks for sending good thoughts my way. The nuchal translucency u/s and accompanying blood test are evidently only "screening" tools telling you your risk factor. A CVS or amnio are diagnostic tools which basically give definitive results.

    @mediagirl: I appreciate the support. I'll keep you guys posted. There's not much positivity around this right now, but it is so comforting knowing I can turn to HB and all of you for support and virtual hugs.

    @mrsmom: Thank you. I'm just trying to enjoy being with my five year old son and husband in beautiful Acadia National Park. This is definitely the slowest moving vacation I've ever had!

  17. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1401 posts

    @Katrocap: I will say that even though our outcome was a true positive for T21, I think that wait between the NIPT results, getting the CVS done and getting the CVS results back was by far the worst, no matter what scenario happens in the end. I'm thinking of you and hope you can find some distraction and maybe a little peace in the beautiful setting you're in right now.

  18. LabradorLover

    apricot / 491 posts

    @Katrocap: I would have to agree with @yellowbeach...having to wait 1 week to have the amnio, then wait 2 weeks to get the final results was a killer. As hard as it is, try to put it out of your head for now and really enjoy your vacation. Easier said than done, I know...

  19. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    If anyone is looking for maternity clothes, Motherhood has had some awesome sales/deals lately. Free returns in store too. I got some shorts since I wasn't able to find them anywhere else in my size).

  20. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: thanks. Shorts have been the hardest thing for me to find!

  21. Christy412

    grape / 83 posts

    We’re having another boy! 💙 💙

  22. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @Christy412: yay congratulations!!

  23. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

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  24. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    I feel more tired so far second trimester than the entire first. What gives?!

  25. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @Christy412: Congrats on your boy!! Glad your gender scan went well and they could see That was my fear when I had mine that legs or umbilical cord would be in the way and we wouldn't find out.

    Also seems like so many of us are having a second of the same gender - Mediagirl and myself with a second girl, and yourself with a second boy! I'm curious how it will play out for the other second-time mamas on the board.

  26. Christy412

    grape / 83 posts

    @lindseykaye: Thanks! I felt very strongly that it was another boy. If it was a girl I would have been so shocked. I was scared about having a girl as I'm sure you were with a boy! A few of the moms in my IRL mom's group also have had the same gender gender for their second as the first!

  27. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @lindseykaye: I missed your girl announcement! Congrats on another !!!!!

  28. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @mediagirl: Thank you! We are excited (and so is her big sis). Plus like @Christy412: we felt pretty sure it was another girl and we have ALL THE THINGS still from our first so I'm glad to be able to re-use so much of it.

    I actually had gotten the quickest peek at the 'nub' during the NT scan and it was clearly angled for a girl so I'm pretty sure those predictions are accurate. I didn't share that with my husband or anyone though because it was so fast and we didn't get a picture.. just kind of reinforced our gut feeling between then and the gender scan.

  29. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    My OB offered me the test for spina bifida. I didn't realize there was one. I have my anatomy scan on the 9th. Would you get the test now or just wait for the anatomy scan?

  30. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @mediagirl: hmm I was offered this test but with the first blood draw/testing. We declined for insurance and cost reasons. I’d consider it now depending on what the results mean and how they relate to the anatomy scan. Some of the blood tests I think tell you your risk vs. being an actual diagnosis screen. So if this was one that could give you a risk rating and then you would use the anatomy scan for diagnosis, I’d skip because the timing is so close.

  31. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @lindseykaye: yeah I feel like if it had been offered earlier, I would have done it. But now I'm only 2 weeks out from my scan so....why not wait?

  32. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Jumping from November board to say I'm with you on the exhaustion in the 2nd tri! I had like 3 days last week where I could barely do the minimum - work, keep DD semi-happy, eat...

  33. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: I didn't either! I had the blood work done just shy of 16 weeks. I don't know if my last OB did it and just didn't tell me what it was or what?

  34. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @Christy412: Congrats on another boy!! We are also having another boy and like you I was a little afraid of having a girl. I grew up with all boys so I know what to do LOL. Plus having everything already helps a lot.

    Trying to play catch up, We just got back from our vacation to Yosemite. I was a bit nervous because it was our first time camping with DS but he did so well and we all had a blast. However we rode bikes a lot and hiked quite a bit and my pelvic Muscles feel like they're on fire when I lift my legs now thats what I get for never riding a bike LOL.

    @mediagirl: I had the test done two weeks ago. She said it had to be done before 14 weeks though and I had it done on the last day. I asked her if I can just wait until the scan and she said it's hard to see on the US?? I was going to decline it but then she made me feel guilty by saying "I guess we'll find out when he's born" in a very accusative voice. So I had it done. She was the Nurse Practitioner and not my actual OB.

  35. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @mediagirl: So guess I actually had this test done because my midwife called with results last night. She called it something else at my last appt. when she gave me the lab paperwork for the blood draw and I just didn't connect the two. I did not have to have it before 14 weeks like @MrsMom: since mine was drawn last Friday at nearly 17 wks. My midwife only told me it was the last piece of the screening done with the NT scan so I did it not really knowing what they were testing for.

    I did not have this done during my last pregnancy and relied solely on the anatomy scan - so I'd think you are fine either way.

  36. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    I would like to know where the second trimester magic is. I'm so tired, grumpy, emotional and mentally exhausted. I did have a weekend of "clean all the things!" which was fun. But otherwise, ugh. I want to tell everyone who says, "How are you feeling???" "Well, I have bad headaches and carpal tunnel and slight pregnancy related hearing loss and my eyesight may be changing but otherwise great..."

  37. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @mediagirl: Ugh feeling a little of the same right now. I'm equally tired and falling asleep on the couch as early as I was during the first tri. Same on the headaches too. I can't even wear my hair up in a pony/bun these days without it being unbearable by the afternoon.

    I also pulled out my maternity clothes from the closet from my last pregnancy only to find that I do not fit into the pants I wore until 41 weeks last time and had given away all the 'good stuff'. I knew I started out heavier this time around but it was kind of depressing to not even be able to pull those pants up over mid-thigh. I've reached the point of really needing some new clothes but I just don't want to spend the money. I also realized I haven't taken a single bump picture and have been avoiding photos in general which makes me 1) sad for this baby that I am not giving it/myself the same photo documentation as my first and 2) pissed at myself for letting vanity influence my actions where I didn't think it was but clearly is.

    It also really doesn't help when too many well-meaning folks keep telling me 'don't work too hard' or 'try not to stress' when that's just not an option? Like, my job is my job and it's going to continue to be the same level of responsibility and stress regardless of my pregnancy. And there aren't any fewer things to do at home with a 5 yr old and trying to sort out the logistics of clearing out our 'spare' bedroom and where to put all the things and the cost of storing them. Things that I have felt little stress over until now are causing me to feel overwhelmed lately and I'm hoping it's a phase. A combination of a bad week at work, upcoming travel, and a little dip in self esteem that will hopefully work themselves out soon.

    Glad I have this group to vent to though, I definitely feel like I have to put on a happy face for most everyone else all the time. Partly because this is something we chose and knew what we were getting into, partly becuase I don't want to just offload my stress onto others when it's unnecessary or maybe unfounded? Ugh. That's to say thanks to all of you

    Some good things: Feeling the baby kick so often now. How happy and excited my daughter is about her and the cute things she will say about 'my baby'. When my husband leans in for a hug and puts his hands on the belly and smiles. A weekend of cleaning ALL THE THINGS and sorting out a ton of stuff to get out of my house at an upcoming garage sale. DD picking out the new baby's 'lovey'.

  38. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @lindseykaye: it's so hard, huh? I absolutely commiserate with all that you said. I am experiencing some of the same stresses. This go round is just so different. I haven't really taken bump photos either. And I'm not documenting. I'm certainly not going to have time to scrapbook like I did for my first. Shutterfly books ftw!

    I have my ultrasound coming up on Monday and I'm hoping that helps me settle in a bit more. I'm just so darn nervous this go round.

  39. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @mediagirl: @lindseykaye: I can completely commiserate with both of you. Although the exhaustion has gotten a little better from first trimester...I still have to try not to fall asleep at my desk mid afternoon! I also haven't documented or really even thought about documenting this pregnancy. I feel like there's just not enough time to do all the things I want to do or did for DS.

    In other news...I'm an Aunt! My Niece was born July 3rd and is precious! I was there for the birth and couldn't believe how amazing it all was. (I had a c section) My brother was able to deliver the baby with the assistance from the Dr. which was amazing to see.
    My cousin also had her 3rd girl the same day July 3rd, 6hrs after my Niece so it was a very busy couple of days.
    I'm totally in love with these babies and can't wait for my little guy to get here!!

    @lindseykaye: I agree that it's so nice to have this community to help ease some of the frustrations of daily life. It's really hard to listen to people tell you what they think is best when you know what you have to do and it has to get done by someone right? LOL. I so glad that your daughter is so excited and is able to be a big part of getting things ready.

    @mediagirl: I hope your ultrasound gives you a little piece of mind. I'm Also very nervous this go around and it's so hard to deal with.

  40. Katrocap

    persimmon / 1227 posts

    @mrsmom: Congratulations on your niece and baby cousin! I had a c-section the first time, too, so I imagine it was pretty incredible and different to experience a vaginal birth in person. I visited my friend and her 1 month old for the first time today. It was especially nice considering I'm 15 weeks and still having morning sickness! WTH?

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