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  1. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    We’ve determined 2019 will be the year of no family vacations. At least not joining us on Martha’s Vineyard. I probably would’ve been just as exhausted with it just being the three of us but my parents (and sister for half the time) added to it too. Heading home today, Vegas tomorrow night through late Tuesday for working. 😴

    Trying to remember bump pics so took this one at 18 weeks before leaving!

  2. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @MrsMom: so exciting on becoming an aunt! Congrats!

  3. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    ...... Refresh

  4. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    ....@LindsayInNY you look great!

  5. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @LindsayInNY: You look great!! Family trips are always exhausting!

  6. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Fabulous mama!

    I'm also looking forward to less travel soon. I'm in California all this week for work and then taking an overnight mini trip a couple hours away from home with my hubs and LO this weekend when I return. Then Nashville early August for a week with family for a wedding and to visit my parents at their cabin. This baby will have flown SO MUCH riding along with me between business trips and vacations during this pregnancy!

    I have my anatomy scan next week on the 19th - anyone else's coming up? I'm hoping for a cooperative baby who lets them get the measurements they need It will also be nice to have official confirmation on if she's a girl haha

  7. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @lindseykaye: Mine's not until the end of the month! But, since we're , I find myself fine waiting for it!

  8. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    Crazy how quickly I went from poochy to bump over the last week or so!

    We want to take a "last one kid vacation" in early October when I'll be about 32 weeks but having trouble finding a good place because of zika and hurricane season. The only islands that are "safe" are Bermuda (DH is meh about it), Cayman Islands and St. Barts. I looked at Europe (from NYC) but I think a 6-7+ hour flight might be too much at that point? Granted I just did a 4 1/2 hour flight direct but it might be rough at 32 weeks. I'm stumped...

  9. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @LindsayInNY: It's so hard! And sorry to be a bubble burster with hurricanes on your vacation thread

    What about looking at a resort with a fabulous pool instead of an island style trip? Palm Springs or somewhere else in California? Or somewhere like Sedona or a hot springs in Colorado? It's still a long haul from the east coast but not as far as Europe and maybe less expensive. You should totally get your vacation!!

  10. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @lindseykaye: Not a bubble burster at all! I hadn't even thought of the weather really. We talked about maybe Key West but that would involve a layover flight somewhere. My family is in AZ so we're heading there when I'm on leave anyways. We wanted beach/ocean trip.

  11. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Ah yeah you can't really substitute the beach for a pool! And Key West is beautiful but FL will run you the same hurricane risks as the islands almost. There are tons of lovely places in FL if you do want to look there. I'm from Sarasota and it's an amazing location for a family getaway. Just south of Tampa with white sand beaches and calm waters.

  12. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 666 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I did several long haul flights my first pregnancy and with this one, I’m only 27 weeks but I’m in pretty much constant pain and discomfort- if we had any trips I would have canceled them. Can you do a NE coastal trip or resort in late September? Something easy and potentially cancellable?

  13. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Sorry you're having trouble finding somewhere to vacation. We don't travel much so I'm no help in that department. I want to do something special with just the three of us but I just can't decide. I might take @lindseykaye: idea and vacation at a nice resort.

    @lindseykaye: That's a lot of traveling! I still haven't found my energy that I lost somewhere in the first trimester so this sounds exhausting LOL.

  14. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    So DS is completely confused about this whole baby brother in the belly....He thinks we have named my belly baby brother and that he has a baby brother stomach as well.

  15. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: I travelled with DD around 32 weeks pregnant. So I guess I’m hoping I’ll be fine? 😬 That was only 2ish hours though. I don’t even know what travelers insurance would cover...

  16. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I don't know about flight cancellation options - as those tickets tend to be so pricey. But if you were to take a driving distance trip most hotels are cancellable up until very close to the day of arrival. That might be a great option even if it's not as far from home or the warm beach locale you might have imagined.

    @MrsMom: It's fully exhausting! Since becoming pregnant I've flown from FL to Virginia (April) , Pennsylvania (May), California (July), and will head to Tennessee (August). I also am not counting out the possibility of work surprising me with a request to Ohio in late August or early September... Then I'm calling it and saying no more air travel - for work or fun lol.
    October we are still planning on a 1-night getaway babymoon and 10-year anniversary combo. It's to Savannah, which is about a 3 hour drive. So it's not super close but it's at least less logistics than a flight. My criteria is that the hotel must have a big bath tub We've booked a hotel but can cancel up to the week before the trip so we have the flexibility of opting out if I am not feeling up for it or the weather turns due to a storm or something like that.

  17. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @lindseykaye: Wow I can't imagine traveling for my work. Ugh just thinking about the airports you've had to go through is exhausting me LOL.
    We'll probably do a weekend getaway to a hotel somewhere not too far. We're a 5 hr drive from Utah and I loved visiting it a couple years ago, so maybe we'll head that way. I agree that a hotel with a bathtub is a must!!

    My anatomy scan is scheduled for August 8th and although I already know what we're having, I still want to see my little guy soon. I'll almost be 22 weeks by then.

  18. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: while hurricanes are always a concern, I can say the beaches are glorious in October. We got married in NC on 10/16 and the weather was amazing. I'd stay in the US and find an amazing beach like Sanibel Island to enjoy.... And get trip insurance!

    We're in Seattle right now. That is one long flight (6 hours) from NC. I wouldn't want to do it at 30 weeks. That's for sure. I have one last work trip scheduled for next week and then nothing scheduled after that. Other things will come up, I'm sure.

    Anatomy scan was Monday. Everything looks good other than a very mild kidney issue they want to monitor. So.... I get another ultrasound in 10 weeks and another at 34 weeks! I'm finally excited for this baby now that I am not as afraid that something is wrong

  19. thepaperbutterfly

    grape / 78 posts

    I have my anatomy scan on July 24. I'm hoping everything goes well! I've been too tired to do any sort of public announcement of my pregnancy. I got a unicorn "Big Sister," shirt for my daughter. We'll try to take pictures of her tomorrow before we go to the State Fair. I think I'll probably wait until after the anatomy scan to post them just to be sure everything is okay.

    I'm feeling so huge I look like a big belly with thin legs and arms. I have moderate to severe diastasis recti from my last pregnancy due to my crappy connective tissue. I've had multiple bouts of anorexia in my past, and I feel like I'm past that (I've had extensive therapy for this issue), but I still struggle with remnants of body dysmorphic disorder. The worst part was that I looked pregnant for many months post birth, and I'm a retail pharmacist, so people would comment on my body on a daily basis I've got a while before I have to deal with that, but ugh, not looking forward to it -_______-

    @Mediagirl: That's awesome that everything looks good for the most part on your anatomy scan Hopefully the kidney issues clear up. I think I've also put my excitement on hold for the moment until my anatomy scan. I'm also hoping for confirmation that baby is a boy since that's what I was told at my elective gender ultrasound.

  20. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @mediagirl: I'm glad you're starting to feel a little more relaxed with the pregnancy and I hope the kidney issues resolve quickly! At least you get a few more ultrasounds in between.

    @thepaperbutterfly: I'm sorry you're struggling with how you look right now. Are you still seeing a therapist to help you through this pregnancy? I hope your anatomy scan gos well and you can feel more relaxed.

  21. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    I'm 18+3 weeks and I woke up yesterday morning with a significantly bigger belly. I've also been experiencing some cramping (I think) or achy feeling in my abdomen, back, and crotch. Is this from all the stretching and hips moving?? I remember getting something like this with my first, but I don't remember if it was around this time. I just feel so uncomfortable and uneasy.

  22. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @MrsMom: the two things sound related - looking bigger and feeling like you're stretching out.

    Are you feeling the baby move much at this point?

  23. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @mediagirl: Every now and then I feel him but not very often yet. I have been feeling him a little more this week though. My hips pop every time I move in bed so I know things are happening. I checked his heart rate with the doppler this morning because I was having a lot of anxiety and it's still 150 so He seems happy. I think I just get worried. I forgot how uncomfortable and achy pregnancy can be LOL.

  24. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @MrsMom: these early movements are so fun and unexpected. I drank some diet coke pretty close to bedtime the other night and she was wired at bedtime. Haha. It was fun to feel her bouncing around in there.

  25. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @mediagirl: It is! I've gone from questioning if it was him to That is definitely him bouncing in there. I can feel him the most after eating or right when I sit down from walking. It's also nice because it gives you a little peace of mind.

  26. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @mediagirl: Caffeine can definitely have an affect on movements for me too. Also eating fruit (sugar) and certain times of day I notice more movement. It's reassuring now to be past the period of being so 'unknown' where no movements were felt and appointments are far between.

  27. ChillMama86

    pea / 7 posts

    Sorry I've been MIA...the time flies by and have been so busy with work and grad school. We had the anatomy scan this morning and were super surprised to find out that we're having a girl!!! Both my husband and I had "gut" feelings of boy, and literally every old wive's tale predicted boy (other than nausea- I had bad nausea/vomiting and still have some nausea). We decided to find out just the two of us at the ultrasound, and got a pink and blue question mark pull-string piñata to fill with pink candy to reveal the gender to our family on Friday.

    I'm finally starting to look obviously pregnant at this point too-- I'm 19w3d today and felt like my belly has really grown in just the last week! And feeling kicks- in the especially in the evening. So fun!

    Question for the mamas who have been pregnant before... did you travel to anywhere at altitude later in your pregnancy? My sister is going to a conference in North Lake Tahoe (I've never been and looks AMAZING), but it's at 7,000ft. I'm a little nervous about being short of breath since I live in Minnesota! I've definitely felt the effects of altitude when I have traveled about 7,000ft before...but after a day or two I've felt normal. The trip would basically be free (minus the plane ticket) and would be a fun final vacation with my older sister before the baby comes. I'd be 29 weeks at that point. Anyone have any thoughts?

  28. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @ChillMama86: sounds like an exciting trip! I'd go but I'd talk to your OB first to see if she has any concerns or recommendations.

  29. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @ChillMama86: Congrats on the little girl! It'll be so exciting to reveal to everyone. My app says the baby grows 4in's between weeks 19 & 20 It's a really big jump! Glad you're enjoying the kicks. I would definitely talk to your Dr about the trip, But it does sound wonderful!!!

  30. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @ChillMama86: Congrats on your little girl! How ffun to do the reveal with your families When I was pregnant with my first we felt the same way - everything (and our guts) told us boy but there she was! I sure hope your nausea goes away fully sometime soon !

  31. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @MrsMom: The apps are a little misleading. The "growth" is because the measurements go from head to rump (or something like that) and around 20 weeks they (OB) can start measuring head to toe. At least that's what I read!

  32. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    I haven't been feeling crazy movements yet and am getting all paranoid. I was 20 weeks on Friday.

  33. Emmalina

    pea / 22 posts

    @LindsayInNY: hey - been lurking a bit but wanted to say me either (21 weeks). in fact I haven't felt any movements... with LO1 I felt him consistently from 18 weeks but this time I have an anterior placenta. Trying not to worry...

  34. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I for sure understand your concern. Just have to remember they still have tons of room in there to move around without us noticing, and of course like @Emmalina: mentioned your placenta location impacts this a ton. If you're 20 weeks - when is your anatomy scan scheduled? Hopefully soon so you can get some reassurance If you've felt movement before and want to encourage more I have read that eating/drinking something with sugar (fruit or juice) or drinking very cold water can help. Also laying down on your side was a common way for people to feel movement if they were concerned.

  35. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @LindsayInNY: That makes sense with the whole sizing. Thanks . Also I'm pretty sure I have an anterior placenta because I can barely feel him move and not very often. I feel like I felt my son moving a lot more by now.

  36. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @Emmalina: I'm kinda hoping I have an anterior. I heard the heart beat at 17 weeks but it feels like it's been so long since I've had an appointment!

    @lindseykaye: This Friday I think you're right about the excess space in there... I'm being coo coo.

  37. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: ah Friday is going to be so fun!! It's hard not to worry, huh?

    @lindseykaye: yeah...cold drinks and laying down around 7-9pm seems to work for me. Works that baby up into a frenzy.

  38. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: I feel like I'm always going to worry until I start feeling this babe moving on the daily!!

  39. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I know. I totally get it. I feel like I've been lucky this time (so far) with movement. I felt sooo much better after that ultrasound and hope you do, too.

  40. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    @mediagirl: I felt a lot better after mine as well. I had an anterior placenta last time and though I felt like I could feel the movement plenty with that pregnancy, this is totally different.

    Had my own anatomy scan last Thursday and all was well. Confirmed the little girl we saw on the early elective scan and that's nice to have the peace of mind to keep making plans for her. I also was able to have my after-appointment with a midwife I hadn't seen yet during my pregnancy and who will be one of the two primaries at the birth center they are opening where I will (fingers crossed) be for the birth. She was lovely! Looks like it will be her and the midwife who delivered my first over there so I feel super relaxed about it. I have yet to make it to an info session so I'm hoping next month the timing works out. The policies they're developing are super different from the hospital and I am super excited. Like, you get to go home 6 hours after the birth and they come to you for your postpartum checks! Also you just bring your own food for after the birth to heat up there, or have someone bring you food, instead of the hospital cafeteria. I haven't had lots of questions yet but now that she described some of this during my appointment it seems like there's a TON I don't know about going this route.
    Anyone here use a birth center last time or planning on one for this pregnancy?

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