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February 2017 POAS

  1. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: YAY!!!!

  2. knittylady

    pomegranate / 3211 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: so glad there's not bc needed!!

  3. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @bizwitch: very yay
    @knittylady: me too, having to sit out a cycle would be hard

  4. mrskansas

    GOLD / nectarine / 2686 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: woohoo!

  5. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @mrskansas: indeed

  6. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: I'm going to have to sit out a cycle for Clomid this next cycle (If I'm not PG now) - we're going on vacation and I wouldn't be able to come in for my CD3 bloodwork and ultrasound. Frustrating!

  7. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @bizwitch: I'm sorry, I hope you are just pregnant right now and it doesn't matter

  8. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: Let's hope so! Only 5 DPO so there's no way to know yet.

  9. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @bizwitch: When are you testing and when are you leaving for vacation?

  10. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: I am leaving for vacation a week from today, on 2/23. That's the day AF is due! I am really going to try to not test before vacation. Might do it there if AF doesn't show. I have two friends with toddlers that I'm visiting and it might be fun to test w/ them around. Or I might just try to ignore it altogether and test when I get back!

    EDIT: Or I might test on Wednesday, 11 DPO. LOL!

  11. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @bizwitch: My decision is often based on drinking, how much will I want to drink during something and how much of a pain will it be to hide not drinking

  12. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: LOL I feel you. So far it has never mattered one way or the other, because I haven't gotten pregnant. The months I abstained I was like... well that was stupid, that I skipped out on social stuff for no reason. I don't trust myself to go out and not drink, when everyone else in the room is drinking. When I was on antibiotics I basically turned down all social invitations that involved booze! I did do a fun bike race that began and ended at a bar, and that was hard enough!

  13. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @bizwitch: I wouldn't want to know for certain that I was pregnant if I had something planned (like my valentines dinner, hence not testing) during the TWW I have tried both abstaining and not and it hasn't made a lick of difference, so now I drink because I don't want to have to miss out on more then I have too

  14. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    "The event involved wine, nudity and slapping women with strips of goat hide drenched in sacrificial blood. Yes, you read that right. Ancient people do the darnedest things. Anyway, the women allegedly welcomed this because being marked in this way was thought to make them more fertile."

    Is it strange that my first thought was "Wonder if I can get anyone to slap me with blood-soaked strips of goat hide?" LOL!


  15. mrsbubbletea

    GOLD / nectarine / 2604 posts

    @mrskansas: I also had a weird dream last night! My sister announced she was pregnant (first baby) and they had this classroom sized white board displayed with all this different calendar like info on it. And then in one corner it said "R and j expecting, oct, first try go j!!!" lol I was annoyed in the dream.

    And in other news, started my period!

  16. mrsbubbletea

    GOLD / nectarine / 2604 posts

    @bizwitch: lol hellobee meet up!

  17. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / pear / 1536 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: great news! 😬

  18. MaryM

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4957 posts

    Ugh. So I'm 17 (yes. 17) DPO. No sign of AF. No positive test. I'm 99% sure I'm out, I'm just SO ready for the next cycle to start already!

    I'm hoping that maybe the perfect hormone panel and long LP this month might possibly lead to something better next month (that's what happened last time I got pregnant...we got my hormones in line, I had a 18 day LP, and then next cycle it all seemed to come together)

    Our last two losses were due in January and February, so I'm really hoping we can conceive earlier this time because having all the anniversaries falling in clumps is getting really hard to handle.

    First positive pregnancy, beginning of Jan.
    Second baby due, Jan. 8
    First M/C, beginning of Feb.
    Third baby due, Feb. 11

    Second pregnancy conceived, April
    Third pregnancy, May

    Second baby died, Sept. 27
    Third baby, Aug. 8

    I need something good to happen in spring and early winter!

  19. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @junebugsmama: Well that dream sounds awful. Sorry about your period
    @junebugsmama: I'll join in for the wine
    @madisonbee: thanks

  20. jhd

    honeydew / 7538 posts

    @junebugsmama: sorry about AF!

    @snarkybiochemist: hooray for good news!

    @MaryM: I really hope that this next cycle is the one that brings your take home baby

  21. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @jhd: I am so happy about it

  22. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @MaryM: So sorry for your losses. Sending you lots of luck for your sticky baby soon!

  23. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2695 posts

    @MaryM: I'm sorry Your strength and perseverance through all of this is incredibly inspiring. I am so hoping for a take home baby for you soon.

  24. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / pear / 1536 posts


    I'm coming to terms and at peace with the idea that my preg test tomorrow will be I have no symptoms whatsoever. I just wanna get it over with so I can call my OBGYN and get the ball rolling.

    I think with our family vacations and holidays that happened, I was really hoping to get pregnant so we could announce to families at special occasions. Now that they're over with, maybe my body won't feel so much pressure anymore. That's my theory!

  25. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @periwinklebee: I hope tomorrow goes ok. I'm thinking of you

  26. mrsbubbletea

    GOLD / nectarine / 2604 posts

    Just remembered I have a birthday party to go to Saturday while my husband stays home with my son! At least I can really enjoy myself and let loose, I would rather be pregnant of course, but it's a unusual occurrence to go out for me these days so it should be a nice time!

  27. azjax

    kiwi / 578 posts

    @MaryM: hope the next cycle is the one for you
    @periwinklebee: goodluck tomorrow, mama.

  28. mrskansas

    GOLD / nectarine / 2686 posts

    Well, I had my appointment with the RE today. He went ahead and did an ultrasound and to my surprise I never ovulated. So I'm on cycle day 41 with nothing going on. He recommended a bunch of different tests and medications and my husband and I decided we are done. This process is too much when we already have an amazing daughter at home.
    So, I will no longer be on the POAS boards but will keep checking in and cheering you all on!

  29. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @mrskansas: I'm sorry this has been so tough for you but I'm glad you're at peace with your circumstances. You will be missed!

  30. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2695 posts

    @mrskansas: I'm sorry

  31. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2695 posts

    @azjax: @snarkybiochemist: Thank you

  32. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1741 posts

    @mrskansas: I'm glad you are able to be at peace with this but I'm sorry you had to go so through so much

  33. azjax

    kiwi / 578 posts

    @mrskansas: in sorry that the news from the RE was disappointing. TTC really is an emotionally exhausting roller coaster and I wish you and your family all the best!

  34. knittylady

    pomegranate / 3211 posts

    @mrskansas: I wish you all the best and hope to see you on other parts of the board. These threads have been so tight it's sad to see you go but I'm glad you've found peace.

  35. jhd

    honeydew / 7538 posts

    @mrskansas: I'm sorry you didn't get better news.

  36. jhd

    honeydew / 7538 posts

    @periwinklebee: thinking of you today and especially tomorrow

  37. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2695 posts

    @jhd: Thank you!

  38. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / pear / 1536 posts

    @mrskansas: I'm sorry I'm glad you're at peace with your decision.

  39. mrsbubbletea

    GOLD / nectarine / 2604 posts

    @periwinklebee: good luck tomorrow. @mrskansas: I walled you

  40. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2695 posts

    @junebugsmama: Thank you

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