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  1. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @IRunForFun: This is why bed sharing works so well for me haha! I think her stretches are pretty normal/good for this age! Glad she's rolling around and happy! Did you ever get an appt with GI?

  2. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts


  3. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 772 posts

    @IRunForFun: Drooling is occurring, but it's not too bad yet. I noticed a red spot on her neck due to excessive wetness from drooling. DD is a roly poly little girl and we have to make sure that she is completely dry between the rolls.

  4. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @IRunForFun: I can't imagine nursing over night and not remembering. Day care said that she started rolling there finally and just rolls all over the place. So far we haven't seen her roll like that at home.

    Last night was a little better. Besides a wakeup to eat (which I probably could have given her the paci, but she needs the calories) she woke up for the paci only. So I feel like it was a step in right direction. Hopefully this weekend it will get better.

  5. babypugs

    persimmon / 1047 posts

    @sunnyday: I bet you see all kinds of interesting things in the registrar's office! We moved during my last leave. It was nice to come back to a shiny new office.

    @IRunForFun: OMG, she'll be soaked down to her belly button with drool! It's ridiculous.

    LO found her voice this weekend and has been squealing and chatting non-stop. It's the cutest thing ever! I'm really loving this age and am excited for how much more interactive she's about to get.

  6. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    Mine still doesn't wanna roll, haha! She's so close! She's obsessed with the seahorse toy so we keep using it to entice her!

  7. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @babypugs: Awww! So cute! DD mostly just babbles a little with a few shrieks here and there! I'm trying to encourage the babbling because I love it!

    @snowjewelz: She's probably going to start rolling and then do it like crazy and drive you nuts because you won't be able to leave her anywhere! Haha.

    DD had her tests at the GI center at the hospital this morning. It was so sad to watch her be restrained for them, but she handled it great, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Technically they weren't supposed to tell me anything but the resident who was in there was super sweet and let me know everything with her anatomy looked normal but she was experiencing significant reflux. So that's likely what was causing the breathing issue. I feel so badly for taking her off the Zantac early on but she didn't have lots of the typical symptoms. But we are on the Prilosec now, so we will keep going with that. DH commented that since she's been on it, the few bottles he's given her she's been able to take much more easily, so I'm sure it's helping! No more blood in her diapers so I'm thinking it was either hidden dairy or the antibiotics.

  8. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @IRunForFun: I hope prilosec will do the trick this time!! Glad she's already eating better. And don't beat yourself up! You're seeing everything with hindsight... It's so hard to tell when you're just going through it!

  9. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @babypugs: I love hearing her little voice too. It is so sweet.
    @IRunForFun: Oh I am so glad to hear!! Does she seem happier on the medicine?
    LO's congestion is gone, so I guess it was just a cold. But sometimes her poop still have mucus so not sure what is causing that. It started up when she was congested, so hoping that caused it. Or I ate dairy at a restaurant even though I have been asking about it everywhere we go.

  10. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    Ugh, 19 weeks and first MOTN wake-up where she wouldn't go back down with nursing! I don't know if she heard the t-storm even with white noise and that woke her up...? Thankfully it didn't take too much rocking to get her back down but still, I was completely awake vs just shoving a boob in! So tired...

  11. babypugs

    persimmon / 1047 posts

    @IRunForFun: So glad the Prilosec is helping! That was the biggest thing for us in getting meds-- now I don't have to fight her for every feeding!

    @snowjewelz: Ugh, I'm dreading the time when boob will stop working!

  12. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @babypugs: DD1 night weaned herself at some point... So I prefer that than having to force night wean, haha!

  13. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @Smurfette: I don't know if I'd necessarily say she's happier in her demeanor because she was never that unhappy, which is why I was skeptical of reflux. But she's eating better and she'll hang out on her back more happily now.

    @snowjewelz: Oh no! That's so frustrating. I was nervous the storm would wake DD too but we got lucky.

    @babypugs: Yes the fighting them at every feeding is crazy making!

    DD slept a ton last night. She did 8:15 to 4:15 in her crib, I brought her into bed and nursed and she immediately fell back to sleep till 7:45, woke and nursed and we both fell back to sleep...I jolted awake thinking it was maybe 9 am...it was almost 11 and DD was still snoozing away beside me! Wth!

  14. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @IRunForFun: wow, that's some good sleep!

  15. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @IRunForFun: woah! That is some good sleeping!

  16. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @snowjewelz: @Smurfette: She's really sleepy today. And fussy. Growth spurt maybe? Or she's 14 weeks and 5 days, maybe starting that leap!

  17. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @IRunForFun: they are all kinds of crazy, I guess from working on so many things! Some days she's sleepy, some days cranky, some days she eats a lot, some days she barely eats

  18. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @snowjewelz: Yeah, its nuts! Must be all the rolling around she's doing haha. She's only been awake a total of about 3.5 hours today.

  19. sunnyday

    kiwi / 573 posts

    @IRunForFun: that sleep sounds so lovely, but sorry to hear she is fussy today.

    Sleep just still horrible here. I can't figure out if it actually is or I'm enabling. Either way I don't know what to do, lol.

    Officially can't eat or drink anything with her in my arms. She "attacks" and tries to bring to her mouth, so silky. Let her have some tastes off my finger of a few things, such funny faces.

  20. Pumuckl

    pomegranate / 3471 posts

    @sunnyday: oh wow, my two haven't even found their hands quite yet. You'll have a baby ready for solids in no time...

  21. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @sunnyday: Wow, DD I don't think even realizes what food is! Everything else goes in her mouth but she's never tried to touch our food. I hope sleep gets better soon!

    How is everyone else doing?

    I just had my first doula job back from maternity leave. It was seriously the easiest birth ever and worked out perfectly time wise. I was called to the hospital at 3:20 which was 10 mins after DH got home from work, and the baby was born at 5:30. I'm home for bed time! They won't all be that easy but it was great! (2nd time mom and her first birth was fast too.)

    DD is generally going down for bed between 8 and 8:30 and waking twice to eat. It's not too bad but I'm still hoping she'll drop the first wake up soon. Sometimes she skips it but not often. Other than that I'm struggling to keep her entertained during the day. I can only sing so many songs and read so many books, etc. I think she's bored! And to be honest, so am I.

  22. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @IRunForFun: glad that the first one was an easy birth!

    Things are good here. She still isn't sleeping great like before with the swaddle but I think we are headed in the right direction. So frustrating how one night is pretty good and then next like 5 wake ups. Other then that she wants to eat her hands all the time but no interest in toys or anything. Although at day care she fell asleep on the mat holding a stuffed doll. The picture was pretty cute. She is a pretty happy baby these days.

  23. Peasinapod

    clementine / 769 posts

    Sleep has gone downhill here. Although still so much better than dd1 was. S wakes up once between 2-4 and then usually up at 5 and 6am I put her in bed with me. If the final wake up was later I'd be fine .

    Other than that she's doing great! Loves to munch her hands. Very smiley and cooing lots. She also seems pretty entertained by her sister.

    I think I make my babies have separation anxiety though. She already doesn't like to be held by anyone other than me and my husband. Dd1 was like this though and now she's super independant so I don't mind not sharing the cuddles.

  24. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @sunnyday: I am in the same boat! I think I wake her up sometimes by sleeping together! But I'm too lazy to make any changes... She doesn't sleep horribly, but certainly not that great. I've had to hold her sitting up between 6-7 lately to get her to stay asleep for that last hour, and she's up sometimes 3-4 times before I even go to bed...

    And yes, her eyes are GLUED to us when we eat! Excited to start solids in another 1.5 months! With DD1 we started 2 weeks before she was 6 months, but we'll probably wait till 6 months with her.

    @IRunForFun: I think you're more bored, hah! I remember thinking the same way. But honestly to them, staring at the wall is probably stimulating enough!

    @Smurfette: I agree that the back & forth is what's so stressful! It's annoying when I don't know what's going to happen from one night to the next!

  25. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @Smurfette: Aww! Glad DD seems happy! Yeah the unpredictability of the nights is tough. I feel like if I just knew I'd definitely get X amount of hours of sleep I'd handle it better.

    @Peasinapod: Our sleep is basically the same as yours. Up somewhere around 2ish and again somewhere between 5 and 6 and I bring her into bed.

    @snowjewelz: I probably am more bored, haha. I just feel like whenever she's awake I should be entertaining her. Right now though she's munching a crinkly book while I drink coffee. Is your weather as crappy as ours? At least if it was nice out we could go do more stuff!

  26. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @IRunForFun: Yes... The weather sucks! Between the pollen, and 80 one day, 50 the next, rainy, windy, whatever else... It's crazy!

  27. Pumuckl

    pomegranate / 3471 posts

    @IRunForFun: glad you had an easy birth to attend. I hear you on the being bored part that's why I go back to work PT even though we have a one year paid parental leave here.

    @Smurfette: @Peasinapod: sleep wasn't fun tonight here either but it was a combination of everyone being up at some point. My DD1 started out, luckily she just needed to be held for a couple of minutes, then DS2 woke because he escaped the swaddle and was cold. I actually got some sleep then before DD2 woke 1.5h later. She slept with me but I wasn't sleeping because DS1 ended up in bed with us and was gritting his teeth. So he had to move back to his room but it rewoke DS2 so my DD2 who was back asleep moved to DH because DS2 wasn't having cuddling with him so he moved to me. We slept in that constellation for another 1.5h before it was time to get up. I am so tired...

    We moved DD2 to a zippy two days ago because she always seemed to miss her hands when swaddled arms down. Not sure but maybe that's why she's been waking up MOTN. We'll give it another couple of days and then we might move back to full swaddle.

  28. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @Pumuckl: I'm tired just reading that!

  29. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 772 posts

    DD is doing well. Night sleep is awesome. I wish all of you had my night time sleeper. Naps are still challenging. Some times they are 2 hours and sometimes maybe 30 minutes.

    My return to work is okay with DD taking her bottles. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  30. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22969 posts

    @Mrs. Toad: That's so great to hear! Good to know that some of them are sleeping well!

  31. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @Pumuckl: Oh gosh, that sounds awful. You poor thing! Hopefully tonight goes better.

    @snowjewelz: Yeah, its 48 degrees and pouring rain here and there's almost no sun in the forecast for the next week!!

    @Mrs. Toad: Awesome on the night sleep! 30 min naps are sometimes all I get from DD too. Nothing predictable.

  32. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @Mrs. Toad: naps are so frustrating. One day this week she took a 6 min, yes 6 min, nap at day care. What is that?

  33. babypugs

    persimmon / 1047 posts

    Guys, our due date thread started ONE YEAR AGO. How time flies!

  34. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @babypugs: I know! There will be a Jan 2018 soon. Before you know we will be planning first bday parties.

  35. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5336 posts

    @babypugs: @Smurfette: Insane!!! I had a woman contact me saying she found out she was pregnant and was looking for a doula for January 2018, I was like WHAT? So crazy.

    DD officially STTN last night! 8:15 to 7, woke and had her medicine and ate (so she was awake maybe 45 mins) and went back to sleep! 10 of 9 and still snoozing. She was sooooo cranky yesterday so this is nice.

  36. babypugs

    persimmon / 1047 posts

    @Smurfette: You're right, I'm so not ready!

    @IRunForFun: Ok, that's crazy! Jan 2018!! Girl, you should have a party NOW to celebrate STTN! We're nowhere close but it's all good.

  37. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    @IRunForFun: that sounds like heaven! Hope you get a repeat tonight

  38. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 772 posts

    @Smurfette: I am surprised they even managed to write that down. DD may fall asleep nursing for less than 10 minutes though.

    @IRunForFun: Yay! Hope you enjoyed the sleep and she continues to STTN.

  39. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33394 posts

    2nd time Moms, do you remember when you started using the exersaucer last time?

    Last night bad bad bad. But she did take an hour and half nap in the crib yesterday. So that was a win.

  40. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 772 posts

    @Smurfette: I don't know. I was thinking of pulling out the jumper yesterday and decided it's too early. However, I did set up another booster seat with tray so that DD can watch us eat.

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