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  1. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: This is great, thanks! DD is a little echo as well, but she can't seem to wrap her head around the idea enough to even repeat it!

  2. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @csross217: So glad you had a good NT scan!

    DD is 27 months and we are trying to get her to understand she is getting a sibling, but she is clueless. She gets babies though. She is always checking her doll's diapers, tucking them in, feeding them, soothing them.

  3. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @sunflowerbee: Good to hear everything went well telling your bosses.

    I told mine on Friday officially. I could have sworn he knew, but he was genuinely surprised. He isn't thrilled about the timing. Two of my coworkers will be of two weeks each during my projected leave, and he uses me to fill in for some of their duties while they are gone. Their vacation will be back to back but not overlap, at least.

  4. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

  5. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: My dad referred me to that article since I just told work. I thought it was a really good article and agree that your boss's and coworkers reactions can shape your feelings on the rest of your pregnancy and your feelings toward your job and workspace.

    @Ms. RV: I'm glad you're officially out at work and I'm sorry your boss had a less-than-stellar reaction. Hopefully he'll understand that your maternity leave is different from your co-workers' vacation time and will be able to find other resources to help fill in.

    As for me, I had a doctor's appointment last night and got to hear the heartbeat with a doppler machine for the first time. It was so cool being able to listen to it through the doppler and it was a quick in-and-out appointment. So weird to be booking my next appointment in 4 weeks in 2018!

  6. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @nwm: Thanks for sharing this!

    @sunflowerbee: He actually is really happy for me. I take his slight panic as a compliment to how valuable I am. I am not even supposed to fill in for my coworkers, but I can so sometimes work uses that to their advantage in dire situations. I am really the first person in my position that can.

  7. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @sunflowerbee: Isn't hearing the heartbeat so awesome??

  8. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @Ms. RV: You're absolutely right to take it as a compliment!

    Hearing the heartbeat is always so amazing. I thought we were listening to it at first, but realized it was just feedback on the Doppler machine. Then once she located it, it was a quick thump, thump, thump which was awesome.

  9. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @sunflowerbee: It's so great to hear that heartbeat!!!

  10. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    Was running late for work this morning and looked in the mirror when I got to work. My top is flowy but apparently not flowy enough, it is clingy and showing off my mid-section...for sure giving the impression of a bump...the pants I'm wearing do not help either, they have an ultra-thick waistband (stretchy!) so I thought comfort ....but really it's emphasizing my extra thickness in the middle and pushing out a bump under it! Welp, I guess when I tell work next they will be like... yah we know! hah!

  11. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @trixi: Maybe carry notebook or something in front of you all day

  12. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @trixi: ha, omg, i hear you--i ordered two dresses from rent the runway for our office holiday party this weekend, both purposely with very generous skirts. i tried them both on last night and obviously i'm past the point of hiding haha. i'm like, either everyone will know i'm pregnant, or they'll think that i've just suddenly let myself gain like 15 pounds! definitely feel like the announcement is going to surprise no one.

  13. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    got the NIPT results, and everything looked normal--and we found out what we're having!!! i'm almost too shy to say what it is quite yet since i don't think we'll tell family even for a while, but i'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! definitely both things make the whole thing feel a bit more real. i think because i took a long time to get a positive pregnancy test i was really bracing myself for these results, so it feels good to get past them (though i know they only tell you so much).

    i also got hit with my first wave of sadness for my little son. he is such a precious guy, and just thinking about this being real and how excited our families will be, i started to feel really concerned to make sure that he still gets tons of attention and love from everyone (all the adults in his life are basically obsessed with him right now--both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). i'm sure this will be the first of many such pangs in a long adjustment period. i just want to do everything possible to make this a positive and happy experience for him

  14. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    @NWM I am definitely walking through the office with a file folder most of the day! LOL.

    Looking forward to hearing your results! How exciting. I'm sure your little guy will adjust just fine. I do understand, mine is also the center of attention (on both sides!) so it will be a bit of a change but I know he'll make a great big brother. He even told me he would read the baby books!

  15. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @nwm: So glad everything looks normal!!!

  16. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: Congrats on the great NIPT results and on finding out the sex!! That is all very exciting!

    We made our official social media announcement today so now the whole world knows, haha. We have two holiday parties to go to this weekend so I'm glad I don't have to fake drink...and shouldn't be judged for grabbing extra amounts of food!

  17. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @trixi: @Ms. RV: @sunflowerbee: thanks ladies!!

    @sunflowerbee: congrats on the announcement! so nice to be official

    @trixi: that's so cute, i love the thought of big brother reading the baby books! my LO is so affectionate and i think he'll be a great big bro...but he definitely has a jealous streak haha.

  18. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    I don't know what to do about a winter coat this year. We typically have a few days each year when the windchill is below 0 and since OH leaves for work at 4am and I don't leave until 6:30, I generally have to clean the driveway if it snows. Plus I am always worried I am going to get stuck in the snow while driving. My normal winter jacket is already a bit tight and I don't know of my extra warm one will fit in February when I need it. So I am thinking about getting this:
    Swiss Tech Maternity Long Hooded Puffer Jacket


    Not crazy warm but it will fit and is cheap!

    What are you ladies doing for winter outerwear?

  19. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @Ms. RV: wow that coat looks like an amazing deal!

    since my son was born in february, i sprung for the M coat, which has an insert that can be A shaped for when you're pregnant, or V shaped to zip the baby into your coat when you're baby wearing. i LOVE this coat, and it was perfect for a february baby since by the time winter rolled around there was no squeezing into my other coats, and then i could wear him outside and keep him cozy inside my coat in february and march when it was still cold. and i still use it without the insert as my normal winter coat!

    not sure what i would do if i didn't already have it though, this coat seems like a good solution! there might be some good winter coat sales after the holidays, too, if you can make it that long in your regular coat.

  20. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    @Ms. RV I would buy that one from Walmart and see if it's warm enough to get you through the winter. If you aren't going on long treks in it, it'd be fine.

    My current coat is snug too because it's fitted etc, but I saved my old coat that I wore all through my last pregnancy (a FEB Baby) because it's sort of an Empire cut coat. I'm really hoping my nice one will fit through the winter (unzipped! LOL)

  21. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    Had my 12wk apt today. Everything went well.

    Heartbeat 155. I go back Jan 10th.

    I gained 3 pounds since last appointment! Which I am surprised and also not, I have been working out more than usual and eating fruit as my snacks...but have indulged in Jimmy Johns a few too many times already this pregnancy!

  22. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: Yay for great test results!!! And very excited to hear gender when you're ready to share

    @Ms. RV: That looks like a good deal! I got a maternity puffer coat from h&m during my last pregnancy and really liked it.

    @sunflowerbee: We made our social media announcement over the weekend as well! I was outed by my boss last week at work (she very obviously asked if I had any "announcements" to share at our staff meeting....), so I've stopped hiding it there. It's crazy to think that the whole world knows now!!!

    @trixi: Yay for a good appointment! I gained 2 pounds between my last 2 appointments... I blame extra snacks and lack of energy to exercise...

  23. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @trixi: Glad you had a good appointment! Did you get an ultrasound done at this one or not until your anatomy scan?

    @csross217: It's so crazy to be out to the world! We had two holiday parties over the weekend so we had a lot of people coming up to us to congratulate us on our big news.

    That's interesting that your boss outed you at a staff meeting. Hopefully she did it in a nice way so you weren't put too much on the spot!

  24. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    @sunflowerbee I had the US at my first 8wk apt, only HB and meeting with doctor today.

    I plan to tell work Monday or Tuesday or next week, then tell the rest of our extended family on Xmas Eve and Xmas! Looking forward to telling everyone but also nervous!

  25. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @csross217: thanks!!

    @trixi: congrats on the awesome appointment! such a nice feeling. 3 pounds sounds like nothing to me!

    now that we have our NIPT results (and are doing NT scan tomorrow), i cannot WAIT to surprise my family with the news. with LO1 i think my parents weren't that surprised, but this time i think they genuinely think we were planning to wait longer and it will be a fun surprise. this weekend is my mom's birthday so we're celebrating on sunday. i got a shirt for LO (obviously with the correct due date month) and i just think it will be so perfect to reveal it then.

    i tell DH about this plan, his response: i'm not sure about that, i have to think about it he is worried that after that we won't see his family for another week so won't be able to tell them until then. our families don't chat often so it's not like there's a risk of spoiling any surprises for them. i am SO ready to tell people, i look pregnant and i am sick of fake drinking. he seriously takes procrastination to a high art.

  26. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @nwm: Ha! Your comment about your husband's procrastination made me literally laugh out loud!!

  27. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @trixi: Good luck telling work next week! That'll be fun to announce to your family on Christmas.

    @nwm: That shirt is so cute! That'll be the perfect way to announce it to everyone!

  28. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @Ms. RV: <crying laughing emoji>

    @sunflowerbee: thanks, isn't it?! i'm beside myself i'm so excited to have him bust it out.

    everything looked great at the NT scan today, yay! got to see the little bean wiggling around a bit. DH is holding firm that he wants to wait until christmas eve to tell everyone, but i think i can wear him down and start spilling the beans this weekend.

    @trixi: who are you telling on xmas eve/xmas? have you told your parents and sibs already? that will be a fun reveal either way!

  29. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    have any of you guys started thinking about names?

  30. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    @NWV both sets of our parents and siblings know already we told them at Thanksgiving-- but our Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, Cousins have no idea...a few select friends know already too. I am sooo excited to tell my Grandma.
    My husband is looking forward to telling his extended family too, however I am really not. They are very "congrats!" then move on sort of folks. I guess because they are a very big family--there's already a bunch of kids. Somehow that makes our news less exciting? Even my in-laws were like 'hey great news' then didn't really say much else about it when we showed up with our son in a big brother shirt. My mother/sister/father on the other hand screamed and cried etc.
    Husband says it's not weird. I think it's weird, especially comparative to my family. Eh, I digress.

    As far as names we have a few contenders, but I'm not sure if any of them are the ~one~. I think when we find out the sex it will be easier to discuss. We've had the baby name book out a bit. How about you guys? Is it easier since you know the sex now? Will you tell the name to friends and family before he/she arrives or keep it a secret?

    We are secret keepers, we like to announce when baby is here. Mostly because I don't care to hear unsolicited opinions from certain family members. But it's nice to keep something just between me and my husband too!

  31. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @trixi: ha, omg, this sounds exactly like our family dynamic. it was pretty funny because i feel like both my mom and my mother in law are aware of how they react so tried to correct--my mom was very conscious of trying to keep it together and not freak out when we told them, while my mother in law probably worried that their "that's great! do you think this meat is undercooked?" approach was a bit too nonchalant and sent me a nice email after we first told them about LO1 to make sure i knew they were excited. in any case, i sort of share your reaction that it's weird (although i'm pretty used to dh's family by now--we had to really work to get them to come meet LO1 within two weeks of his birth, even though they live less than two hours away), but my experience suggests they're not outliers!

    that makes sense--last time we took a long time to decide, but this time i honestly just had one name each in my mind for both genders. at this point i haven't even told DH yet because i want it to stay alive at least in my head, haha, and because he said he was working on some ideas, so i want to hear what he comes up with and share at the same time. i suspect based on prior conversations that we are thinking similarly but we'll see!

    we are definitely secret keepers from everyone else though. my SIL solicited so much family input, and got so much, i feel like it made her decision way harder and she to this day threatens to officially change her two year old daughter's name (mostly not seriously but it has been quite a thing). i am not about that!

  32. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    @nwm: I have one girl name picked out, OH has one boy named picked out but I vetoed it. He had it picked out for like a year before we TTC and I am pretty sure he was only half serious about it. A name will be so hard this time because DD's name is perfect. I don't think we'll find a name that is as awesome as hers. We didn't talk names until 24 weeks last time!

  33. Ms. RV

    pear / 1517 posts

    My nausea has gotten so much better. I puked yesterday morning, but I have maybe only had one or two waves of nausea since. I know morning sickness usually subsides in second tri, but it is going to be a long two weeks until my next appt! Luckily I am still getting dizzy and having vivid dreams.

  34. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: We maybe, kinda, sorta might've had our girl name picked out since our honeymoon? Haha. In the Jewish culture, we typically use the first letter initial of a close, deceased relative to name babies. The problem is that our deceased grandparents have a lot of repeating first letter initials, so that narrowed down our pool of possible letters. I suggested the girl name and my DH loved it too. We picked out the girl middle name about a year before TTC. Definitely not all Jews follow this tradition. My parents picked out names they liked for both my brother and me and they chose our Hebrew names based off of the first letter rule.

    I personally think that boy names are a lot harder. We've tossed around a few ideas, but there's nothing that we absolutely love yet. I'm sure once we know the sex, it'll make things a little bit easier to start narrowing the possible boy names list down.

    We are also secret keepers. I don't want unsolicited feedback and someone telling me that our name choice was their 3rd grade bully's name so we can't possibly use it, haha.

    @Ms. RV: Glad to hear your nausea is subsiding! Hopefully it goes away as you get closer to the 2nd trimester.

  35. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @Ms. RV: so glad your nausea has gotten better! i think mine faded last pregnancy around 12-13 weeks, i definitely wouldn't worry about it fading on that time table. the vivid dreams stuck around the whole pregnancy though. i kinda hate them. i managed to avoid them last night because DS was up from 1:30 to 3:30am

    that's so great you are so happy with your daughter's name. i totally agree with @sunflowerbee: i think boys names are much harder. i am usually a speedy decisionmaker but we waited until after my son was born to even commit!

    a bunch of people i work closely with have just come down with a nasty flu and i am seriously wanting to just go home and hide through the weekend to avoid catching it. yuck. i can't handle being sick without access to nyquil.

  36. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    @NWM oh no, I hear you. Every time someone is sniffling or sneezing at work I am like CYA!
    And (OOPS) I have not gotten my flu shot yet. I am going to put it on my list of things to do next week. I keep forgetting. Last time I was pregnant with my son--I was sick every few weeks. My immune system really was lowered from being pregnant.

  37. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @trixi: I haven't gotten my flu shot either, oops! Going to make sure I get it at my next appointment, especially since it seems to be going around here....

    @nwm: we still have a list of girl names that we like from when we had DD. We had one top boy name too, and now I don't like it! Boy names are much harder!

  38. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    I was planning on telling my secret today at work but I am coming down with a darn head cold. Not feeling up to it and trying to get my work done in case tomorrow is a sick day....And the list on medications while pregnant is a joke! I might as well take nothing and suffer through it.

    I guess later in the week will be the day. The hard part is catching my boss and the president in at the same time, I'd like to tell both of them myself and not hear it through the grapevine!
    I worried all evening last night about what I would say too. Which I know it will be fine, I just work myself up. Anyone else get anxiety over ridiculous conversations/things?

  39. nwm

    apricot / 364 posts

    @trixi: oh no, i'm sorry you're sick! i totally hear you on the medications--i just am such a believer in sleeping off colds with nyquil, i find them so miserable to make it through without medication. hope some honey in hot water or tea can help

    i feel you on the nerves too! i definitely get anxiety about stuff like this, although i'm usually pretty good about not thinking about it until i absolutely have to, haha.

    i was hoping to put off my announcement at work until the new year (planning to work from out of state all of next week so just a matter of making it through friday), but i got my big promotion this weekend (YAY!!!) and a few of my bosses were like, we want to take you out drinking this week to celebrate!! ugh, i cannot fake my way through an event like that. so i may have to come clean early unless busy pre-holiday calendars save me. i am also a little sad that i can't tie one on to celebrate.

    we had a big weekend telling the parents! we put my son in his super cute shirt. at my in-laws, of course he had a complete meltdown when we wanted to take off his pullover to show the shirt. so we basically gave up and just told them while my toddler was screaming his head off haha. oh well. we were slightly more ready for this the second time with my parents, and managed to get him in the shirt and tell my parents he had a surprise. they had to make him stand still while they slowly read the shirt, and it took them a little while, but they got there and were so excited!! haha so overall not exactly seamless but everyone seems very happy : )

  40. trixi

    cherry / 118 posts

    @NWM so funny it doesn't ever go as planned with a toddler does it? LOL, glad everyone was happy in the end.

    CONGRATS on your promotion! How great for you! I would be a bit bummed to not partake in celebratory drinks too! Maybe they can take you out for a big piece of dessert.. not the same, I know! LOL
    I hate to admit, I feel guilty, but have been missing having a few glasses of wine at the end of the week lately. June seems so far away when I think of my favorite glass of vino!

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