I know there’s a whole range of normal but I guess I’m not sure if this is it.

11mo army crawls. He can sit unassisted. He can roll over. That’s about it.

He JUST (like maybe 2 weeks ago) figured out how to get from sitting to army crawl. But it’s still not graceful and sometimes struggles. He cannot get from army crawl to sitting.

He cannot pull up. He cannot get to sitting on his own. He cannot Cruise. He cannot sit on his knees (we’ve tried to place him on his knees and he just flops, and he certainly can’t get to his knees on his own). even if we stand him up at the couch he will not move. It’s not even like he tries and falls. He doesn’t even try. And actually it’s like he can’t stand there holding the couch with just his hands for balance. We lean him against it and his feet slowly slide back until he’s evenfually bent over with his head sort of on the couch. I think he might have a weak core?

He does show interest in standing and walking with our assistance. Like either I’m sitting and holding him in a standing position or holding his hands while we stand. Sometimes he doesn’t want to sit at all like in a music class. I try and he just stiffens and wants to stay standing. He wants very much to walk it seems. But it would be impossible at this stage. I know walking doesn’t need to happen now, but I guess without all the other stuff I can’t see how he could possibly get to walking.

Another weird thing is that he seems to almost forget how to get from back to belly. He’s been rolling since 5 months. Both ways. But lately we’ve noticed that if we lay him on his back in the living room he will just lay there and whine like a sad starfish for 20 mins until we help him. We’re like dude you know how to do this. And we’ll try to push him a little and he is just stiff and acts like he’s never rolled over before. He will still do it in his crib though.

He was born exactly 4 weeks early. Which people keep reminding me of. But, now even if he’s adjusted 10 months, most of these things should already be happening. We have play dates and classes with 9-12mo and they are all doing these things and he looks younger than all of them.

I’m not so worried that I think something MUST be wrong and I want to take him to a specialist. But I am at the point where I’m thinking this might be an issue and I want to gauge how normal it is. Maybe it is and I’m just comparing to my older one (who at this age was doing EVERYTHING short of walking). But it does seem like he’s behind EVERY baby his age and even younger babies. Not just his older brother.